Seeking UN recognition of “statehood”

By Dr saeb Shaath


Palestinian Authority, efforts to seek UN recognition of “statehood”, without paying attention to strategic implications of such a step or even asking the Palestinian people approval for such a gamble . This political step could actually damage the Palestinian rights.

The UN recognition only means general assembly approval, since a state recognition needs a Security Council endorsement which not going to happen, Since the USA made their intentions of vetoing it very clear.

The Nakba 1948 Palestine
The Nakba 1948 Palestine



The result of that political move enhances the PA position internationally, but only by replacing the PLO (who holds the Palestine observer seat at the UN, knowing that the PLO represents all Palestinians inside and outside occupied Palestine) with Palestinian Authority who only represents Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip under occupation!

The PLO, represent the Palestinian People struggles (all Palestinians in occupied Palestine or outside it) to exercise their right to self-determination.  Pending the Palestinian people successfully exercise their right for self-determination, the PLO remains the sole legitimate representative of all Palestinians in the UN and in all international and regional bodies. The Palestinian will not accept any replacement to the PLO unless it takes place through a national referendum. Any political moves ignore this fact and not taking care of it shall endanger the Palestinians rights and the struggle for liberation and self-determination.