Egyptian Independent Trade Union Federation called for a workers’ march to Tahrir square.


Large numbers of demonstrators spent Thursday night in the square ahead of the mass rally planned to take place after the Friday Prayers.

Revolutionaries said Friday was the last chance for the ruling junta to hand over power to a civilian power structure and return to the barracks.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Independent Trade Union Federation called for a workers’ march to the square and a labour rights group called for a general strike to back the protests.

On Thursday, Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) rejected protesters’ demands to quit power immediately. Meanwhile, thousands of Egyptians who do not trust the military continue to occupy Tahrir Square.

Despite the ongoing unrest, it was confirmed that Monday’s elections would go ahead as scheduled and presidential elections would take place by June 2012. The demonstrations continuing its standoff; the demonstrators suffered 41 deaths at hands of the army and police.

 Many protesters are against Monday’s elections, they believe it cannot be held safely or fairly while Egypt itself not secure; Stated some protesters. Meanwhile, clashes spread across the country, with violence breaking out in the major cities of Alexandria and Assiut. Nerve gas had been used widely against the Tahrir protesters.

Egyptians are demanding that Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi step down immediately in favor of an interim civilian administration.