Cairo: Clashes continue ten people killed and over 345 wounded.

Cairo… SaebPress and Agencies…..Ten people killed and over 345 wounded in second day of violence, highlighting boiling tensions between revolutionaries and military council. Renewed fighting erupted between revolutionaries and security forces again on Saturday, as the streets leading to the parliament building began to fill with activists.

Despite repeated promises from the military council’s appointed prime minister that no one would try to clear the protesters by force .Soldiers stormed an anti-military protest camp outside Egypt’s Cabinet building, beating women with sticks and hurling chunks of concrete and glass onto protesters from the roof of the parliament in a resurgence of turmoil only a day after millions voted in parliamentary elections.

At least eight protesters were shot to death in Friday’s clashes, including a prominent Muslim cleric, activists said. The heavy-handed assault was apparently an attempt to clear out protesters who have been camped out in front of the building for three weeks demanding the ruling military leave power.

Several women protesters cowered on the pavement as military police beat them with truncheons and long sticks. Soldiers dragged some women violently away by their hair, according to footage and videos, posted by protesters on social networking sites.


Soldiers dragged some women violently away by their hair

Security personal in uniform used the rooftops of buildings to throw rocks, stones, sheets of glass, bottles and other objects on protesters, at one point “urinating on the protesters gathered below’’ reported witnesses.

Clashes began at dawn on Friday, as soldiers used water cannons and fired shots in the air to disperse demonstrators, who had been angered by mistreatment and abuse of activists; video evidence showed some of the activists badly beaten after their arrest.

There were reports of live gunfire from the rooftops, while other security personal in uniform used the rooftops of buildings to throw rocks, stones, sheets of glass, bottles and other objects on protesters, at one point “urinating on the protesters gathered below’’ reported witnesses.

The ruling military council said it would continue to act firmly against any attempts to overrun government buildings,

It denied that soldiers moved on to disrupt the sit-in or tear gas and live ammunition had been used, and said the issue would be investigated.

In a statement the ruling military council blamed the violence on the protesters, saying that the ‘clashes were part of a conspiracy to derail the country’s elections process, which is ongoing’.

Doctors and medics confirmed that most of injured people are afraid to actually get in ambulances and be transferred to hospitals, in fear of being detained by security forces. Meanwhile Dr. Hisham Shiha, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, told CNN that at least two of the dead were teenagers and one an Islamic scholar. He added that at least four people were killed from gunshot wounds. Health Ministry said at least 303 people were injured, including broken bones and gunshot wounds.

Confirmed reports indicate that some local and foregone journalist were beaten and briefly detained by police during the clashes.

A new civilian advisory council set up to offer policy guidance to the generals said it would resign if its recommendations on how to solve the crisis were not heeded.

One of its members, presidential candidate Amr Moussa, told an Egyptian television channel that the body had suspended its meetings until the military council met its demands, including halting all violence against demonstrators.

Islamist and liberal politicians decried the army’s tactics.”Even if the sit-in was not legal, should it be dispersed with such brutality and barbarity?” asked Mohamed El Baradei, a presidential candidate and former UN nuclear watchdog head.


The youth activists who led the protests that ousted Mubarak accuse the military of acting in the same authoritarian way as the former president.

Friday’s clashes come as Egypt ended its second round of voting in a long and complicated election process that began on November 28. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party and Salafi al-Nour party, both Islamist groups, have so far won the most seats, with most political parties lagging behind.

Source: SaebPress and Agencies