kidnaped Ahmaed Sa’adat the PFLP leader


Occupied Palestine, Jerusalem al-Quds ….(SaebPress)

Video shows the storming by undercover “Israeli” occupation forces of the Red Cross headquarters in occupied Jerusalem al Quds and the kidnapping of the Palestinian minister Khaled Abu Arafa, and MP Mohamed Totah from its offices.

According to a spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross,’ Israeli’ forces entered the compound on Monday and arrested the two men inside the ICRC compound.

فيديو يظهر اقتحام قوات الاحتلال ” الإسرائيلي ” لمقر الصليب الأحمر في القدس المحتلة واختطاف الوزير خالد أبو عرفة والنائب محمد طوطح من داخله