An Interview with Saeb Shaath

Shaath: ‘Geremy Corbyn stands for the values of freedom equality and justice and the wright of self-determination for all  people and nations , he  fought his whole life for such  values which he believed in  …in the UK he stood farm in supporting the Irish struggle against British rule in Northern Ireland …. the PALESTINIAN people  in their struggle for liberation from the Zionist fascist occupiers of Palestine …as well he struggled against the apartheid state in South Africa. He stood agonist his own party leadership in so many issues meanly against Tony Blair in  the war on Iraq.’

Toady Geremy Corbyn has a good chance of being elected as  the next British prime minister….Large chunk out of the British, Irish and west Europeans count on him to take action against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The Jewish groups in Britain and the Zionist entity ‘Israeli’ are wagging an incitement campaign against Geremy Corbyn naming him as the enemy no 1, declaring Geremy as an anti-Semite, and the Labour party is anti-Semitic..Because of Geremy’s criticism of the Zionist’ entity’s ‘Israel’s’ occupation of Palestinian and its apartheid policies towered the Palestinians . Moreover, he have a great chance of becoming the next British Pm, so it is necessary to silence him … specifically, today after the Zionist entity enacted a law saying it is the nation-state of the Jewish people no place for non-Jews in it …it want to silence any effective voices anywhere in the western world who won’t fall in line before the next step of evicting the Arabs out historical Palestine.