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       The most basic human struggle is the battle between life and death and that what the Palestinian people are facing our sole aim is to encourage and facilitate world wide support to them in their plight and raise awareness to the injustices, discrimination, and deprivation committed against them to alleviate the pain and suffering of the Palestinian people. We believe that the Geneva Convention on Human Rights should be applied to the Palestinian people and that they can enjoy peace, security, freedom, clean water, education, health, employment, proper housing and prosperity all of which are determinants of health.



Humanitarian Aid

Establishing close relationships with partners on the ground to allows Palestine Aid to respond swiftly to emergency situations. Have plans in place to mount funds raising campaigns to meet some of the immediate special and basic needs of the Palestinian people, to provide emergency medical supplies, food and shelter.

Assist the empowerment of the disabled through programmes specially designed for them.

Provide essential aid, and psychological support to the most vulnerable in Palestinian society.

Identifying and assessing the need for life savings projects to tackle water borne diseases, by helping the setting up of sanitations and water treatment plants.

Medical Aid


Palestine Aid planning to support the clinics and rehabilitation centres, who provides many children and families who suffered from extreme psychological trauma as a result of the on-going conflict.

Working to improve the health and medical infrastructure, in the Palestinian cities towns and refugee camps, who are Subjected to siege, border closures, checkpoints, separation walls and other
strict restrictions on movement.  We are planning to carry out our aims by donating specialised medical equipment and much needed medical tools and supplies

Education Aid

Poverty and deprivation within the Palestinians communities especially within the refugee camps is the major barrier to the development of the Palestinian communities. Education is the real tool to dismantle such barriers. Palestine Aid planning to assist children with learning difficulties, to help empowering female students through education and special courses. Support schools, colleges and educational institutions by providing them with educational materials, tools and training.

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