Russia warns the US: Don’t veto Palestine statehood vote


Russia warns the US: Don’t veto Palestine  statehood vote

NEW YORK – Russian leaders on Wednesday called on Washington not to veto a Security Council vote on Palestinian membership at the United Nations. Russian foreign minister says that while negotiations are preferred, ‘No one should deny Palestinians’ right to ask for recognition of state’. The Russans are Taking the same political position China have adopted last week when its warned the US. (Refer to  SaebPress news on  China’s position: China Daily warns US )

“We think it’s better for the two parties to sit to the negotiations table, but they are not willing to do so because they do not agree between themselves,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Netanyahu: the Palestinian efforts to secure UN recognition of statehoodwill not succeed.”

Netanyahu thanked Obama for speaking out against any UN bid to declare a Palestinian state. Netanyahu said on Wednesday that direct negotiation was the only way to achieve a stable Middle East peace and the Palestinian effort to secure UN recognition of statehood “will not succeed.”

Obama: ‘the Palestinians’ cannot achieve statehood through UN resolutions’.

 Netanyahu made the remarks at a meeting with President Barack Obama, who reiterated the unwavering U.S. commitment to ‘Israel’ and said efforts to impose peace on ‘Israel’ and the Palestinians would not work.

Earlier Wednesday, Obama addressed the UN General Assembly and urged ‘Israel’ and the Palestinians to renew negotiations, stressing that the Palestinians’ cannot achieve statehood through UN resolutions.

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