Saeb Shaath: UN is a pro-West Eurocentric body


‘UN is a pro-West Eurocentric body’

The United Nations is a Eurocentric organization designed to safeguard the interests of the Western powers that won the Second World War, a political analyst tells Press TV.

In an interview with Press TV, author and political analyst Saeb Shaath commented on the role the United Nations plays as a global organization.

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The following is a transcript of the interview. (…SaebPress corrected some of the transcript with the approval of Saeb Shaath…)

Press TV: The main objective of the United Nations and its founding was to prevent future wars and suffering on a mass scale. Millions have died in hundreds of conflicts around the world in more than the 50 years since its establishment. How do you view the UN in this regard?

Shaath: I see the UN as a global body which is designed by the winners of the Second World War Mainly USA and UK to serve them as Masters of the Globe, So the UN Security Council and its tools are there to guard what made the imperialist west so rich and to protect  their freedom to exploit and rob on a global scale, armed with UN organisations, structures and functions. …

The dominant Security Council members with the veto power, the great winners of the 2nd WW agreed among themselves, that they shall no longer fight one another in competing for the resources of the globe.  Since their imperialist greed caused the First World War and the Second World War which inflicted carnage worldwide, they agreed to use and divide the global labour and resources between them without military conflict.

The UN laws in here are applied only to the weak members of the General Assembly, not to the Security Council members who enforce the rule of force to serve the imperialists, so guaranteeing their freedom to invade, rob and colonize any member state of the UN General Assembly.

That is the basic understanding among the great powers and especially in the United States of America which has more might and uses it to get the bigger slice of the cake.

In 1948 the League of Nations decided on the partition of Palestine …I want to refer to what US president said to the UN on Wednesday 21st of Sep. Obama said: ‘the Palestinians’ cannot achieve statehood through UN resolutions but through negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis’… In 1948, without reference to the Palestinian people, their land was occupied by the imperial power of England, under cover of the League of Nations Mandate on Palestine. They  divided Palestine using resolution 181,  never asking the occupied  Palestinian people for their  opinion,  but rather suppressing and crushing their resistance to it.

Declared under the same resolution was the creation of the State of ‘Israel’ – all enforced by UN resolutions …Now,  when the Palestinians seek the implementation of that resolution or any one of the 65 resolutions dealing with  their case, they are ignored and told, as Obama said, that the Palestinians  ‘’ cannot achieve statehood through UN resolutions ‘’ . I ask why did they create’ Israel’ by one UN resolution and deny  the Palestinians what that resolution left for them from their home land ?

This is the Imperialist colonialist’s logic, which has been designed by the masters of the UN to give ‘Israel’ more time to rob and land-grab, to build more settlements in the west Bank and to find a way to vanish and transfer  whatever is left from the Palestinians.

When any UN resolution suits them, they enforce it, like in Libya or Iraq. On Palestine there are 65 resolutions nobody is interested in imposing at all, because they do not serve the imperialist agenda of the Security Council, which is under total control of the United States of America.

Press TV: One of the key objectives of the UN has been to promote human rights, but yet permanent members have not only violated these rights in their own countries, they are also politically and militarily supporting regimes like the ones in Bahrain, Yemen and Egypt. Is there a double standard and an inconsistency?

Shaath: Definitely. The UN was established as a Eurocentric global power control, to serve Western imperialism. As you mentioned in Bahrain, I want to give you an example of what tools they are using. They are using the IMF, the World Bank, the Paris Club, Aid, WTO which replaced GATT agreement, and other imperialist organs to lower countries into debt.

They use a lot of tools to emphasize one thing: any country that wants to be part of the world trade agreement has to acknowledge that it is going to do trade with ‘Israel’, like what happened when Saudi Arabia applied to the world trade organization, and from there you can see the double standards.

In the case of Palestine , they market something they call values of freedom and democracy under the cover of the globalization, and then when the Palestinian people go for election, under occupation actually, and they vote Hamas in, the USA and its western alliance  punish the Palestinian people and they nullify the votes which brought  the people  representatives in Government, since the Godfather of the new world order, the United Nations, [USA] does not like Hamas, because Hamas does not recognize Israel, does not serve the agenda of ‘Israel’, and from there we can see the double standards.

In Bahrain, the government serves as a management team for a military base for the US who guarantees and safeguard the USA’s interests in oil in the region. The US and its agents are quashing any resistance from the people anywhere.

They have done that in Bahrain, they are doing it in Yemen, and they have done that before in Latin America. Look at the scenario of the people electing the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, they were elected by landslide majority but The USA did not like them- since they do not allow the multinational corporations to rob Nicaragua – so they have to be removed from power by force.

 So the double standard is there to see, because the global organization the United Nations is a tool of the imperialist power. As I said, it is a Eurocentric organization designed to safeguard the interest of the Western powers who won the Second World War.

If we look at the USA President Woodrow Wilson introducing to the world stage then, the principles of self-determination. When the Arabs at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 [Which produced The Treaty of Versailles] tried to ask about self-determination of nations, they looked down on them, in a racist way, because that self-determination was only designed for Europe, for the white man.


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  1. Wow this is a very powerful analysis loaded with evidence and historical facts , It cemented my long time believe in that view.

  2. The countries of the world should distance themselves from this colonial body called UN
    They should form a new body to confront the western imperialist