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‘US used 9/11 to spread Islamophobia’


A prominent  political analyst says that the US and its Western allies used the September 11 attacks as a tool to spread Islamophobia in different parts of the world.

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Press TV has interviewed Saeb Shaath, an author and Middle East affairs expert , to further discuss the September 11 attacks.

Press TV: As you well know, another consequence of the September 11 attacks was of course, the rise in Islamophobia. I would like to quote Noam Chomsky. He writes that the crime against humanity, as it was rightly called, could have been approached as a crime, with an international operation to apprehend the suspects. That was recognized at the time, but that no such idea was even considered. Why?

Shaath: I see after the tragic events of 9/11, the [former US president George W. Bush ] administration made it clear that the country (United States) was no longer safe. They created the color-coded terror alert, under which Americans lived on red and orange alerts on a daily basis, delivered by Fox News for years. They subjected the whole nation to manufactured psychological terror.

Anyone who would dare to question the new liberals, the new monsters, would be labelled straight away as a traitor or as being against the free will and values of freedom. The Bush administration immediately created a new aggressive foreign policy, to implement their strategy, which was ready before the attacks took place.

It was because of the 9/11 attacks that Bush got the approval from the people, because of the psychological fear, and from the Congress to increase the defence by an enormous amount, and then the US responded very aggressively in what we call the war on terror.

The images of terror and  terrorists were then translated into what a Muslim would look like, then they implemented the Bush Doctrine, (pre-emptive military strikes), which meant to strike against anyone or any country before even a threat would be seen. The Bush Doctrine was designed to take control of the wealth of the Middle East and its countries, as it instigated the war on Iraq.

Look at the results. The tragic events of 9/11 killed three thousand people or more, but nobody talks about the two million people killed in Iraq, or [the lives of] five million refugees being destroyed. A country which was advanced in the Middle East was destroyed and taken back to the Stone Age.

The whole design was to ensure that no other country would be a threat to the United States. By a threat, I mean an economic threat; no one can compete with American industries, because the American military might has to be number one in the world, intimidating everyone, so they can implement their imperialistic and neoliberal policies, and unfortunately it started in the Middle East. Apart from the Middle East, the targets were China, Russia, and Europe as a future contender to the US.

Press TV: There are still a lot of questions regarding the assassination of Osama bin Laden. People are asking why he wasn’t captured alive and put on trial. Why wasn’t there an autopsy amid the concerns that Washington has never made public, they say the evidence that Osama bin Laden was actually behind the 9/11 attacks, apart from the fact that bin Laden himself boasted of carrying out the attack, which of course suited his own aims?

Shaath: I look at this as a story of creating the bogeyman, Osama bin Laden, and finishing him off in that way. I look at it with the start of Anwar Sadat becoming their man in the Middle East, and then recruiting their agents to get Afghanistan to lower the Soviet Union at the time to Afghanistan, and then Osama bin Laden set his own agencies in Vienna and received finances from Saudi Arabia, weapons from the Egyptian president at the time Anwar Sadat, and training from the CIA and American Marines.

This was the first Mujahedin war, at the time led by Ronald Reagan and [former UK prime minister] Maggie Thatcher. We remember that al-Qaeda starts itself right there. So I can see, from the strategic point of view, that they tried to destroy the Soviet Union and they succeeded.

Then they used al-Qaeda and all of these guys to advance into the Middle East and to bring American boots into Iraq and Saudi Arabia – to surround resisting countries like Iran, Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon, to strengthen Israel. If they know it, they are serving members of al-Qaeda. If they do not know it then that’s a different story, because the same strategy is repeating itself on a different level. We can see it in Iraq, in Egypt, and Syria as well.

We have to understand that a lot of these guys are misled and brainwashed and they do not understand what they serve. At the end of the day,when I look at the results of the 9/11 attacks, Israel is one of the major countries that benefited. The Arabs and the Muslims are the major losers. Millions of Arabs and Muslims died. They lost their wealth; they lost their sovereignty over their countries.

The day before the attacks, why did every Israeli and every Jewish member in that two centres take a day off? Millions of questions like this make the American people angry when we call for inquiry. We don’t trust the government because they are being used and their rights are being compromised and being terrorized just for one reason. We want to stay alive. That’s what they want the American people to be thinking, they want them to think of their own lives only.




US Cornered at UNSC while attempting to extend arms embargo on Iran.

Shaath ‘the US is seeking to corner China and Russia for propaganda purposes‘

US Cornered at UNSC

Washington has stepped up calls for the extension of the UN arms embargo on Iran, which will expire in October under UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which endorses Iran nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The Trump administration has threatened that it may seek to trigger a snapback provision spelled out in the Iran nuclear deal of all sanctions on Iran if its attempts to extend the UN arms embargo fail.


Iran, Russia and China have repeatedly said that the US has no authority to invoke the snapback mechanism as it is no more a party to the 2015 accord. “It has no right to extend an arms embargo on Iran, let alone to trigger snapback,” China’s UN mission wrote in a tweet on Thursday. “Maintaining [the] Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the only right way moving forward,” it added

The US has circulated a new anti-Iran resolution at the UN Security Council calling for an extension of the UN arms embargo on Tehran, before it expires in October. The resolution reportedly urges member states to stop all arms sales to and from Iran. It also asks them not to provide Tehran with technical training, financial resources, and other services related to weapons program.

The new draft is almost identical to the previous one Washington circulated in June, which failed to gather support. US envoy to the council, Kelly Craft, has said Russia and China are likely to veto the resolution.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also told reporters that the measure is “eminently reasonable,” alleging that “one way or another we will do the right thing.” He went on threatening Tehran with more sanctions through a mechanism embedded within the Iran nuclear deal, from which the US has unilaterally withdrawn.

Pompeo  added  “We’re deeply aware that snapback is an option that’s available to the United States, and we’re going to do everything within America’s power to ensure that that arms embargo is extended,” he claimed. “I am confident that we will be successful.”

Shaath ‘the US is seeking to corner China and Russia for propaganda purposes

Wednesday, in an Interview with Press TV with Saeb Shaath, Author and Middle East affairs expert and Michael Springmann, Author and former U.S diplomat, Shaath said, “The US strategy always is to have Russia and China abstain in that regard in the UNSC and obviously not to veto, the USA’s resolution.

Shaath, pointed out that “ But, today and right now the strategy is working maybe with other members of the Security Council, so the USA intending  from this as Pompeo hinted and Craft the US representative  in the Security Council that Russia and China are not coming round and obviously they are going to veto the resolution.”

Shaath then questioned their motives “So why are they doing this? [Pompeo & Craft] they are doing this, to try to corner China and Russia for propaganda purposes, as Craft said to pot the spot light on the Chinese and Russian.”

Shaath went on to say, “Since the Trump administration maintains that quitting the deal does not prevent it from invoking the provision of the snap back mechanism, which is sanctions according to what they envisaged in the Iran nuclear deal.”

Shaath pointed out “ Other member states, as you mentioned in your report, like  France, Germany, Britain, Russia and China are trying to negotiate a solution which might prevent the USA from taking such a step, but until now there is no clear compromise has emerged among them”.

‘U.S. seeks to blackmail UNSC member states’

Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s permanent representative to the Vienna-based international organizations, has said that it looks like the U.S. attempts to blackmail the UN Security Council members.

“Looks like an attempt to blackmail the UNSC Member States. US position on arms embargo against #Iran and #SnapBack is very weak not only from the viewpoint of common sense but also in legal terms,” he said in a tweet on Thursday.

‘U.S. plans to impose indefinite arms embargo on Iran have no prospects’

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that Washington’s plans to introduce an indefinite arms embargo against Iran have no prospects.

“The stubborn shattering of the JCPOA through new anti-Iranian ideas, which include the proposal to impose an indefinite arms embargo against Iran, simply does not honor the United States. It is clear that this course has no prospects,” Zakharova said at a briefing, Sputnik reported.

Those members of the JCPOA, who have maintained a genuine full commitment to the nuclear deal, will continue to fight for its preservation and sustainable implementation, she said.

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Justice for Palestine, Jews Step Forward.

These are the moral voices of bravery and justice inside JEWS STEP FORWARD

This indie documentary highlights twenty-four moral voices within the American Jewish community speaking on behalf of justice for the indigenous Palestinian people.  Directed and produced by Elika Rezaee and Marjorie Wright, this powerful, truthful, controversial documentary has been screened at festivals around the world.  It has been recognised by the 2016 justice Awards Festival and given a certificate of merit as the best “Human Rights, War and Peace film in the category Documentary Feature” by the sixteen International Film Festivals.

“Few are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of the colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. Each time a person stands up for an idea, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, (s)he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”– Robert F. Kennedy. These are the moral voices of bravery and justice inside JEWS STEP FORWARD.

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Zionist entity ‘Israel’ fabricating fictitious victories in South Lebanon.

Shaath, said “there is a complete paralysis in northern occupied Palestine, as identified by and stated by the former Zionist entity Minister of Security Avigdor Lieberman. Who said “Nasrallah’s Statement it meant, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”


Zionists occupation army falsely claim a “victory” against the resistance to psych up its forces. Lebanese Hezbollah stated that Zionist entity ‘Israel’ claim about border clashes aims to fabricate fictitious victories.

Lebanon’s prime minister warns sternly about potential escalation in the aftermath of a recent ‘Israeli’ border incursion, saying the occupying regime is trying to manipulate the rules of engagement with the country.

“The enemy is trying to change the rules of battle with Lebanon,” Hassan Diab tweeted on Tuesday. “I call for caution in coming days because I fear the situation will deteriorate in light of heightened tensions on our border,” he added.

Saeb Sha’ath, an author and Middle East political expert said in an interview with Press TV: there is a complete paralysis in northern occupied Palestine, as identified by and stated by the former Zionist entity Minister of Security Avigdor Lieberman. Who said “Nasrallah’s Statement it meant, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”

  Sha’ath added  “As a result of this tension,  a military vehicle crashed in the Shebaa Farms,  killing of one soldier and wounding another.  Actually yesterday the Zionist occupation army clashed with shadows   “the shadows of the resistance fighters .”.

Sha’ath said “the panic swept the political, military, security, inelegance and the media circles  within the Zionist entity after the announced  position in Hizballah’s  statement.”

Martyr Ali Kamel Mohsen

A day earlier, Zionist entity ‘Israel’ fired dozens of shells into Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms, which Tel Aviv has occupied since 1967. A Reuters’ witness counted dozens of Israeli shells hitting the occupied area.

The Zionist regime claimed it launched the attack after an attempt by Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement to “infiltrate” into the occupied territories.

The movement has roundly rejected the claim, saying the Zionist regime has come up with the account to falsely claim a “victory” against the resistance and try to psych up its forces.

‘Nasrallah dictating agenda to Israel’

Addressing the recent developments, Amiram Levin, former commander of the Zionist ‘Israeli’ military’s Northern Command, said “It is [Hezbollah’s Secretary General Seyyed Hassan] Nasrallah that dictates the agenda to ‘Israel’.” Nasrallah, he cited the case of the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces incursion — that came with apparently no provocation on the part of Hezbollah — as an instance of the regime going off half-cocked due to its fear of the resistance group. “The security incident of the last day is shameful,” Levin said.

Former Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, meanwhile, acknowledged the regime’s fearfulness of Hezbollah. He attributed the trigger-readiness of the  Zionist regime’s forces to the Zionist entity’s  assassination of Ali Mohsen, a Hezbollah member near the Syrian capital Damascus last Monday. The atrocity warranted outspoken warnings from the resistance movements.

Lieberman said the entire northern part of the territories that are under ‘Israeli’ occupation have become “crippled” since the assassination of Ali Kamel Mohsen, who was martyred during the latest Zionist ‘occupation aggression against Syria that was staged from the Tel Aviv-occupied Golan Heights.

Although Hezbollah has said it reserves the right to retaliate for the atrocity, the movement asserted on Monday that “the answer to the martyrdom of [our] brother,  Ali Kamel Mohsen, in the vicinity of Damascus airport has not been given yet.”

“Zionist occupiers must still wait for that answer and their punishment at the hands of the resistance forces,” it added, refuting Tel Aviv’s claims that it tried to strike the occupied territories in an act of revenge.

SaebPress/Press TV

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