Why would NTC expose their owners?

A journalist questions the authenticity of documents found by the NTC that hype a cozy relationship between Gaddafi and Western intelligence.

Press TV talks with Don De Bar, journalist and anti-war activist, in a discussion that considers such revealing documents were planted by intelligence agencies for a specific purpose and that this tactic has been used a number of times before at a time when a ruler is deposed by the US. Following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Do you see Western country’s hypocrisy being exposed in all of this — How do you see this latest information that has come out?

Don De Bar: The entire Libyan operation has been a US intelligence operation from the outset. And this report that attempts basically to tie the Libyan government with the governments of the US and UK as opposed to the allies of the US and UK on the ground who essentially arrived in Tripoli at gun point with the guns being NATOs guns? It’s too absurd for words.

I have to point out that after the fall of the Soviet Union, suddenly secret documents came out that showed that the Rosenberg’s were guilty, which were later proven false; and that Senator Joe McCarthy was right in the number of allegations he made about people in the US — also proved false. Again, after Saddam Hussain was toppled by the US at gun point there were documents showing Saddam Hussain doing everything, but drinking beer with the devil.

And this is the same stuff. It is essentially a psy-op operation.

Press TV: You believe that these documents have been planted by these intelligence agencies to point to what you’re saying is the opposite of the truth?

Don De Bar: What I have to look at is tomorrow the US will again attempt to hand over billion dollars from the people’s treasury; the sovereign funds of Libya — not literally tomorrow, but in the next days; and hand it over to the NTC. I’m sorry I have a hard time swallowing that this groups is exposing the relationship of the people that brought them in with the government they supposedly toppled, which in fact hasn’t been toppled yet either.

The last time I sat in this chair for Press TV two to three weeks ago there were reports that three of Gaddafi’s sons were captured. I said then that those reports can’t be trusted. I was hearing different things on the ground from Tripoli and as it turned out it was untrue.

And reports that have come out of the NTC and US allies on the ground — and there’s no doubt that the US allies are the NTC, NATO has been bombing coordinate with the strikes of the NTC against the common enemy, which was the Libyan army… And also, Jalil – wasn’t he the Minister of Justice during the time that these documents supposedly are covered – up until 2008? He must have played a role if these things are true and he is the head of the NTC.

Press TV: If we look at the relationship between the Gaddafi regime and the West, it was an on-again off-again type of relationship. Now, you are in doubt if actually there has been a ‘revolution’…. and also to the extent that Gaddafi has basically been in cahoots with the West. But with the reports and the documents exposed would you not say that Gaddafi was very close to London, Paris and Rome?

Don De Bar: I attended a conference in Tripoli in October in 2009 at a time when Gaddafi is alleged to have been closest to the US and the entire discussion of events of basically the world situation from the podium — there were people from all over the world sponsored by the people of Libya and addressed by Gaddafi — were extremely anti-US and imperialism and anti-EU imperialism. This was an effort being organized from Tripoli against imperialism.

I can tell you the effort was to organize Africa into an economic union; to organize independence for Africa by printing its own currency — things that are in opposition to the interests of imperialism.

And in terms of deciding who is secretly in bed with the US or not, I wouldn’t look to documents that come from who knows where translated from who knows what or by whom, but rather how there nation’s actions work in coincidence with the interests of imperialism. For example, looking at Libya the interests of imperialism is obviously now to take Gaddafi out.

source: PressTv