‘America, out, out, Syria will stay free’; chanted a million-strong march in Damascus on Wednesday

million-strong march … supporting national independence and rejecting foreign intervention




Damascus (SaebPress)  Thousands upon thousands of Syrians demonstrated in central Damascus on Wednesday in show of support for President Bashar Assad, the rally was described by State television and other Private Syrian TV channels, as a “million-strong march … supporting national independence and rejecting foreign intervention”.

America, out, out, Syria will stay free,” chanted the crowd on Wednesday, many of them carrying Syrian, Palestinan flags and pictures of Assad.

They also shouted slogans warning the European Union not to intervene in their country. “God, Syria and Bashar,” they sang.

At the start of the demonstration a man holding the flags of Russia and China, which vetoed a European-drafted resolution against Syria at the UN last week, flew over the crowd, suspended from a helicopter by rope. It was the biggest demonstration for months in the centre of the capital Damascus.


‘America, out, out, Syria will stay free’ they chanted


USA and EU countries have imposed sanctions on Syria and called on Assad to step down. Russia and China have blocked Western efforts seeking, UNSC resolution against Syria. Both countries considered the western attempt as destructive and a repeat of the disturbing Libyan scenario implemented by the western powers.

Russia and China have condemned the Western resolutions as being designed to force a regime change in Syria, which will only encourage violence. (refer to: Russia and China vetoed,the US outraged while the Syrians overjoyed )

Experts on the Middle East point out that ‘’Syria became a huge geopolitical game that involves the Western powers and ‘Israel’ led by the USA.” The US is trying to remodel the entire region’’, Dr.  Saeb Shaath, a Middle East affairs expert, said.

­The West could have used the resolution on Syria as ‘’a legal cover for its actions in the Middle East, to replace the Syrian regime by fragmented entities that would be friendly with ‘Israel’, whose security and stability are strategic geopolitical aims of Washington, London, Paris, and other Western countries” , states Dr. Shaath.

Authorities blame armed groups for the violence and say that about 2,900 people have been killed; among them 1,100 members of the security forces. There have been increasing reports of clashes between security forces and armed opponents. Members of the Syrian opposition used Torture, booby-trapped cars and machine-guns to destabilize Syria.


Source: SaebPress



  1. What a leader president Assad,what national of Syria,I love your stance,take off Obama and his pigs well done syria

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