Che’s triumphal return to Wall Street

Che’s triumphal return to Wall Street ..By Saeb Shaath
Che’s triumphal return to Wall Street ..By Saeb Shaath



By Saeb Sha’ath
9th Oct 2011

Wherever death may surprise us, let it be welcome, provided that this battle-cry may have reached some receptive ear and another hand may be extended to wield our weapons.” Che Guevara

On October 7 1967, while leading the revolution in Bolivia, Che was wounded then captured by USA backed Bolivian Special death squads. On the 9th of October Bolivian President René Barrientos issued the order to execute Guevara.

To mask interstate execution, reports of Che’s wounds were manipulated in order to fit the story the administration planned to release to the public. It was carefully orchestrated to make it look like Guevara had been killed in action during a clash with the Death Squads.

Gary Prado, the Bolivian captain in command of the Special death squad that captured Guevara, said that “the reasons Barrientos ordered the immediate execution of Guevara is so there would be no possibility that Guevara would escape from prison, and also so there would be no drama in regard to a trial”.

The executioner inflicted the maximum pain possible on Che, opening fire with his semiautomatic rifle, hitting Che in the arms and legs. Che could only do what he had always done best; endure. He bet his wrist to keep from crying out.

According to Rodríguez, “Terán (the executioner) then fired several times again; wounding him fatally in the chest at 1:10 pm. Guevara was shot nine times, Five times in the legs, once in the right shoulder and arm, once in the chest, and finally in the throat”.

Che is a world Hero, one of the brightest revolutionary minds ever, the Marxist visionary; the doctor; the writer; incredible intellectual; diplomat; guerrilla leader and guerilla warfare strategist . Che’s revolutionary intellectualism with the style of a determined leader provides the ideal model for the masses today in countering all forms of neo- liberalist and neo-colonialist exploitation, oppression and occupation.

His killers failed. His message his ideology even image, have shaped the Arab revolution. Men; women; young and old hold his pictures high up in Cairo’s Tahrir Squire. He arrived in 1957 to show support to Gaza, he is still there and you see him in every refugee.

From Latin America to Yemen too, he is leading the youth, in Tunisia, in Iraq, in Bahrain and in Jordan, he is fighting with oppressed masses. Che’s vision spearheading the crowds in Madrid, Athens, Rome, London, Dublin, and right now the heart land of monetarism itself, Wall Street.

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  2. Thanks for writing about our hero, El Comandante Che Guevara. Greetings from Latin America.

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