Russia and China vetoed,the US outraged while the Syrians overjoyed.

China and Russia flags
Veto From China and Russia

By Saeb Shaath

New York (SaebPress)Russia and China have vetoed the UNSC resolution on Syria, urging political dialogue instead of proposed tough sanctions on Syria. The veto has outraged French and the American leaders.

Members of the UN Security Council have voted on a draft resolution on Syria on Tuesday. The resolution was not passed with nine votes in favour and four abstentions, while both Russia and China voted against the resolution.

US’s ambassador, Susan Rice, expressed Obama’s administration’s “outrage” at Russians and Chinese saying  Today, two members have vetoed a vastly watered-down text that doesn’t even mention sanctions,” she added. “Those who oppose this resolution and give cover to a brutal regime will have to answer to the Syrian people – and indeed to people across the region.”

She went on saying “the council has utterly failed to address an urgent moral challenge and a growing threat to regional peace and security.”

Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said that Russia vetoed the resolution since it was based on “a philosophy of confrontation,” and contained “an ultimatum of sanctions.”

China’s ambassador, Li Bandong, said his country opposed the resolution since “sanctions, or threat of sanctions, do not help the situation in Syria but rather complicate matters.”

An Arab diplomat at the UN  told SaebPress thatMany Security Council members got alarmed today, Some members are truly troubled by what happened to the Libyan people after the passing of  UNSC resolution 1973 against Libya.” he repeatedly said “They do not want Syria to turn into another Libya”.

The diplomat went on hinting at what lay behind the vetoes “Russia and China used their veto power to stop the repeat of the Libyan scenario; they believe strongly that the resolution text was intentionally drafted for further sanctions and escalations against Syria” he said.

The US and  EU countries had independently imposed sanctions against Syria, meanwhile Recep Tayyip Erdogan the Turkish PM said earlier Tuesday, he would set out his country’s plans for sanctions against Syria, after he visits a Syrian refugee camp near the border in the coming days. “Regarding sanctions, we will make an assessment and announce our road map after the visit to Hatay in southern Turkey, setting out the steps,” Erdogan told reporters.