Weroud Kassem, 17, joins hunger strike fight behind ‘Israeli’ Prison’s bars

The imprisoned Palestinian activist Weroud Kassem from the PFLP she is on hanger strike
‘Weroud Kassem’ from the PFLP, a political prisoner taking part in the hanger strike fight behind ‘Israeli’ person’s bars


RAMALLAH /SaebPress…. The Palestinian activist ‘Weroud Kassem’ from the PFLP, is a political prisoner taking part in the hunger strike fight behind ‘Israeli’ Prison bars.

The hunger strike started on the 27th of Sep. and Weroud is one of around three thousand (3,000) Palestinian detainees in ‘Israeli’ prisons  who have been on hunger strike since, protesting against solitary confinement and deprivation of family visits.

Palestinian human rights and prisoners group ‘Addameer’, confirmed on Sunday that the original Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) strikers, had been joined by Hamas prisoners in ‘Ramon’, ‘Eshe’,‘Nafha’ and Ashkelon prisons, with Fatah-affiliated detainees also taking part in Ashkelon.

Factions will meet in the ‘Negev’ and ‘Ofer’ jails on Tuesday to discuss broadening participation, an ‘Addameer’ press release stated. The prisoners’ support body saidthat  the ‘Israeli’ Prison Service had transferred PFLP prisoners and confiscated salt-water sustaining the strikers in the Negev prison, in response to the action.

The arrest of the 17 years old Weroud Kassem

Popular Front officials say the ‘Israeli’ prison administration has isolated several Palestinian detainees who are on hunger strike and has forbidden the prisoners in ‘Ashkelon’ jail from going outside for their daily break.

In the Negev prison 56 PFLP detainees joined the hunger strike, and many ill participants have also refused medication in a bold stand in solidarity  with the strike. In ‘Ofer’ prison, 10 detainees joined the strike, the officials said.

A spokesperson for the prisoners, in a statement released on Sunday,stated  “The 3,000 or so prisoners will not end the hunger strike, until their demands are met. Primarily,with an ending to the policy of solitary confinement in ‘Israeli’ jails’’.

The Palestinian prisoners’ representative said there had been a recent escalation in policies against prisoners, “which the right-wing Israeli government started since it came to power, in an attempt to exert more pressure on the Palestinian leadership to achieve political gains.”

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine Sheikh Muhammad Hussein called on Palestinian officials and communities to support the detainees to achieve their demands.