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‘Israel’ Hijacking of Freedom Wave flotilla “Violent and Dangerous”, Activists beaten.

Trevor Hogan From Palestine Aid aboard the Irish boat Saoirse.

Dublin (SaebPress)… Irish Ship to Gaza Coordinator Dr Fintan Lane was able to make a phone call Sunday 6th Nov afternoon from the ‘Israeli’ prison in which he and 13 other Irish citizens are being held. He communicated the following to the Irish Ship to Gaza team in Dublin:

‘’The takeover of the MV Saoirse was violent and dangerous. Despite very clear protests from the occupants of the two boats that they did not want to be taken to Israel, they were forcibly removed from the boats in a violent manner. The whole takeover took about three hours. It began with Israeli forces hosing down the boats with high pressure hoses and pointing guns at the passengers through the windows. I was hosed down the stairs of the boat. Windows were smashed and the bridge of the boat nearly caught fire. The boats were corralled to such an extent that the two boats, the Saoirse and the Tahrir, collided with each other and were damaged, with most of the damage happening to the MV Saoirse. The boats nearly sank. The method used in the takeover was dangerous to human life. The Israeli forces initially wanted to leave the boats at sea, but the abductees demanded that they not be left to float at sea, for they would have been lost and possibly sunk. All belongings of the passengers and crew were taken from them and they still do not know if and what they will get back. The 14 Irish citizens remain in Givon prison.’’

Dr Fintan Lane Irish Ship to Gaza Coordinator

The phone call was very rushed and ended abruptly with Fintan saying, “I have to go.”
Claudia Saba, spokesperson for Irish Ship to Gaza, who received the call from Lane, said: “The account received from Fintan Lane flatly contradicts the Israeli narrative that Israel ‘took every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of the activists on board the vessels’. It is a small miracle that no one was seriously injured during this obviously very violent boarding of the Freedom Waves boats.”

Irish Ship to Gaza spokesperson Laurence Davis added: “This account confirms our fear that the hijacking of the boats was very violent, and explains the time lag between the point at which we lost contact with the boats on Wednesday at 11:12 am (Irish time) and news of the passengers’ arrival at Ashdod not before 5pm.”

In an interview he gave to, Greek captain of the Tahrir Giorgos Klontzas has confirmed the use of violence on him by Israeli soldiers during his interrogation.


Freedom Wave Activists beaten

The last direct contact that Palestine Aid Received from Trevor Hogan their delegate  (aboard the Irish boat Saoirse) is this text message, received at 10:08 PM Nov 3, 2011 Palestinian time “Kidnapped, being held against our will by Israeli Army in international waters. Boat nearly destroyed. Need government to press for immediate release.” Trevor then called girlfriend moments later and said, “Did you get the text? Send it out.” Then the phone line went dead.
Majd Kayal, delegate aboard the captured Canada Boat to Gaza and recently released from Givon Prison, confirms the ‘IDF’s’ “peaceful” take-over of the Tahrir was anything but peaceful. An ‘IDF’ video clearly shows the ‘Israeli’ military firing a water cannon at the Tahrir on rough seas, endangering the lives of those aboard. Delegates offering non-violent resistance to the takeover of the civilian ship in international waters were threatened and then beatenby soldiers.

Professor David Heap

One delegate, 45-year-old David Heap, professor at the University of Western Ontario, was particularly badly beaten. ‘Israeli’ prison authorities are continuing to prevent Heap’s family from contacting him by phone.
“As a Palestinian, I was not surprised at how the IDF treated us,” said Kayal, after his release, noting this kind of abuse is a daily reality for the 1.5 million people of Gaza, who are indefinitely detained in an open-air prison. “However, for the Canadians and other Westerners onboard, it was a complete shock.”



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Who is behind the assassination of Iranian Scientists?

“NYT summarizes the “chilling message” that “American officials” want to send to Iranian top nuclear scientists with today’s assassination: “If we can get him, we can get you, too.” Indistinguishable from Mafia talk.”



US officials say Zionist entity “Israel” was behind the assassination: New York Times “One American official — along with two other intelligence officials — said that “Israel” was behind the attack on the scientist,” The New York Times reported on Friday.

Fakhrizadeh’s name was mentioned multiple times in a presentation in 2018 by Zionist entity “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during which he repeated baseless claims about the Iranian nuclear program. Netanyahu described the scientist as the director of Iran’s nuclear program and threatened, “Remember that name, Fakhrizadeh.”

The Tel Aviv regime has made several attempts over the past years to throw a wrench in Tehran’s peaceful nuclear work. The regime has been behind the assassination of several Iranian nuclear scientists. It has also conduced cyberattacks on Iranian nuclear sites.

Dmitry Polyanskiy @Dpol_un “That’s a telling analysis from @nytimes reflecting readiness of US establishment to give green light to political extra territorial assasinations. Not a thing to boast for a democratic country! #Iran #Fakhrizadeh”.

“NYT summarizes the “chilling message” that “American officials” want to send to Iranian top nuclear scientists with today’s assassination: “If we can get him, we can get you, too.” Indistinguishable from Mafia talk.” @aaronjmate .

The senior Iranian defense official was assassinated near the capital Tehran in a terrorist attack. In a statement, the Defense ministry said the vehicle of the head of the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was targeted by terrorists.

The Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif said the act of cowardice shows the desperate warmongering of its perpetrators adding that there are serious indications of an Israeli role in the assassination. Zarif also urged the international community, especially the EU, to end QUOTE “their shameful double standards and condemn the Iranian defense official’s assassination.

Between 2010 and 2012, four other Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated. Tehran and western intelligence agencies have long put the blame on Zionist entity “Israel”, an accusation that was never rejected by officials of the Israeli regime.

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Trump finally conceding he lost the US election


Donald Trump said Monday he no longer opposes government aid for Joe Biden’s transition team in his closest statement yet to finally conceding he lost the US election.

Trump’s tweet that the General Services Administration should “do what needs to be done” came after the agency’s head Emily Murphy said she was releasing the long-delayed assistance.

Biden hailed the step as allowing for a ‘smooth and peaceful transfer of power’.

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US president-elect Joe Biden and the Middle East

If Joe Biden rejoins the Iran nuclear ‎agreement ‎ and adopts Obama’s approach to the two-state ‎solution, with Palestine issue, which I believe he might do, since the ‎compromises made in the democratic party ‎between the Progressives ‎and the liberals during the ‎selection of the presidential candidate , indicated ‎that might be happening soon

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Interview with Saeb Shaath, Author and Middle East affairs expert and David Yaghoubian, Prof. of History, CSU San Bernardino.

Iran FM advises US president-elect to abandon Trump’s ‘disastrous lawless bullying’.

Shaath Said: “Zionist entity Prime Minister Benjamin ‎Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince ‎Mohammed bin Salman have kept silent since ‎American media projected Biden’s will win.‎ We can recall the Netanyahu-Kushner plan ‎which believed in and relied on Trump’s victory ‎for the second term, that would be followed by ‎Netanyahu’s victory in the elections, aiming to ‎implement their deal of the century and the ‎normalization of Arab countries ties with the ‎Zionist’ entity,‎”

Shaath went to say :” it did not accrue to the planners that ‎Trump would become the only American ‎president in three decades not be elected to ‎serve a 2nd term in office.‎”

Shaath added “what might do away with their planes …I think Biden ‎will revive the nuclear agreement with Iran, ‎since it was an Obama- Biden’s admiration ‎achievement …he will do it in a way that avoids ‎any clash with Zionist entity.”

Shaathe went on t o say “‎ If Joe Biden rejoins the Iran nuclear ‎agreement ‎ and adopts Obama’s approach to the two-state ‎solution, with Palestine issue, which I believe he might do, since the ‎compromises made in the democratic party ‎between the Progressives ‎and the liberals during the ‎selection of the presidential candidate , indicated ‎that might be happening soon.‎”

Shaath added “That means everything that Netanyahu and ‎Kushnaier, dreamed about in making the ‎Zionist entity the pivotal state in the ‎Middle East with the Gulf States and the rest of ‎the Arabic countries as their satellite States ‎such dream is over. ‎ Since its clear that Biden needs to pay attention ‎and to focuses US resources on fighting covid-19 and ‎to Jump Startg the US economy”. ‎

‎ Shaath concluded “Since the Netanyahu – Kushner’s Deal of the ‎Century and Arab normalisation relation with ‎Zionist entity geared up to create a military ‎alliance to face Iran… Joe Biden with reviving the US commitment to the Iran nuclear agreement does not need such alliance…as well Joe does not have a Dime to waist on Netanyahu’s dreams. ..This is the new way we going to see it happening in the region.”

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