Double Standards on Syria

Million-strong march … Supporting national independence and rejecting foreign intervention


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The Arab League (AL) has announced the suspension of Syria from the organization, calling for sanctions to be imposed on the country and inviting the Syrian opposition for transition talks.

Press TV has interviewed Middle East affairs expert  Dr Saeb Shaath to learn his opinion on the issue.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview:

Press TV: Mr. Saeb Shaath, Arabs are valued differently by the Arab league depending on if they are pro or anti Washington’s policies.

We have for example Saleh in Yemen who was supported by the United States and the Arab league is basically doing nothing while many Arab Yemenis are dying every day. What is the difference?

Shaath: Let me say first, the decision to suspend Syria violates the organization’s charter and laws, since the suspending of Syria would only be valid if taken by consensus at the summit meeting of the Arab leaders.

And they do not actually suspend Syria; they send a very strong message to Syria who is to  be suspended by the sixteen of  November . So we- replying to your question…in  here who is handling the Arab league since 1991? when Iraq invaded Kuwait, the Mubarak regime at the time took control of the Arab league and since then we can say that Egypt is the main handler of Arab league.

From that time they broke all the laws and charters of the Arab league and they started making decisions   without consensus against the well of most sovereign Arab states, especially a founder member like Syria.

So they carry on the United States of America’s agenda, you look at the scenario of Bahrain or Yemen, there is nothing no moves or decisions  on  them, they are only targeting the resistance camp in here.

The Arab league trying to be the Trojan horse , to infiltrate inside Syria using the armed groups inside Syria, most of them brought in from abroad and trained in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They put them to  action in Syria, like what happened in Libya as well, some of the fanatic  groups in Libya being brought through the Egyptian border to Libya from Iraq and that kind of areas, this is the  alliance,  indeed the fanatic groups and  the United States.

These fanatic groups  to create what they call [ in the Middle East ] the fragmented emirates supported by Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and the United States of America to keep the war and terror going.

The game they are playing here in Syria is a very dangerous game indeed; because the target is clearly the resistance and Iran as well. Some pragmatic politicians in the west think by sort of compromising on the Iranian nuclear program with the Iranian regime maybe the Iranian regime would stop supporting Syria. Then they can swallow Syria and divide Syria to little emirates. by doing that they can destroy the resistance in the Arab world and in the future they can corner Iran.

This is the same mistake that was carried on by the Iraqis and repeated by the Libyans when they heard and believed the West’s promises: Gaddafi surrendered all his programs of developing nuclear power and long range missiles. He and the Libyans paid the price for that.

The target right now is Iran and Syria; they are trying to tackle Syria first and the resistance and make them pay for the 2006 defeat of ‘Israel’, USA and Arab lapdogs at the hands of the resistance in Lebanon.   Then after eliminating Syria they shall move on to Iran.

Press TV: Mr. Shaath, what has happened in the world? It seems that the standards are set by a few countries and then the so called International agencies just follow suit.

So what is the way or the direction for those countries who want to protect their sovereignty? What do you think is the best way? What do they need to do at this point in time, with the situation we have?

Shaath: I think the Last week’s student’s march in London gives an answer to some of your questions.  The students did not march to 10 Downing Street [the official residence of the British Prime Minister] they march on the city of London the stock market, the real boss. Who is controlling the United Kingdom and Europe, are the multinationals [corporations] and the same thing applies to America and from this prospective we can view the Occupy Wall Street movement.

We’ve seen the hypocrisy of the United States of America at UNESCO, where the United States of America punishes the world for voting Palestine into the UNESCO a UN’s body. The US withheld the money from the organisation. US threaten using veto at the UN Security Council, to deny the Palestinian any chance of being accepted to the UN.  The US is dictating to the world and standing against the will of the majority of the world.

And they are coming to the Middle East and telling us they stand for freedom and for democratic values!  When they defy the international community, when they dictate to the international community, when they install fanatical groups all over the Middle East to ruin the stability of the Area’s system and cause chaos all over the Middle East.

We know now who the Arab masses are fighting. They are fighting multinational [corporations] who are sucking the Arab world’s wealth. The United States’ military runs the affairs of the Middle East from Qatar.  Qatar is no more than a USA’s military and CIA’s base. The Sheikhs of Qatar are no more than puppets in the hands of the United States.

These guys, the Amir of Qatar and his men carried out a coup against his own father, and exiled him out of his country. So indeed   while they couldn’t be trust with their own immediate family, how are you going to trust them with Arab league affairs. These guys serve a Zionist agenda. We have heard before and it was confirmed last week. Saudi Arabia agreed in 1930 to surrender Palestine to Zionism and agreed with the British Empire then to use Palestine to what ends the British sees fit. We are dealing with Arabian states in the Gulf whom are puppets for the United States of America, working to disturb any stability in the Middle East and to cause chaos, to implement the Zionist imperialist agenda.

source: Press TV