Four Demonstrators killed in clashes with Saudi police



Interior Ministry claimed that Saudi Arabian demonstrators were working for ‘masters abroad’; mean while mass protests are taking place in oil-rich eastern region of Saudi Arabia.


Qatif (SaebPress)….   Saudi authorities said Thursday that four people were killed in clashes between demonstrators and security forces in the kingdom’s eastern region.


“A number of security checkpoints and vehicles in the (eastern) province of Qatif have been occasionally attacked by a number of ‘rioters’ since Monday,” said a source at the Saudi Interior Ministry.


Two civilians were killed and six injured late Wednesday in an exchange of fire, according to the source.


Two others were killed and three injured in clashes that erupted Thursday at a funeral of a man killed in an earlier incident, added the source.


All the casualties are Saudis; said the source. “The Interior Ministry is aware that the aim of ‘ rioters’ is to achieve dubious objectives dictated to them by their masters abroad in an attempt to drag citizens and security forces into absurd confrontations,” said the ministry in a statement carried by the state news agency.


People of the oil-rich eastern region have recently held many protests over discrimination in the kingdom.

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