Freedom Waves flotilla intercepted,all activists on-board has been detained by the ‘Israeli’ military

Irish Ship to Gaza MV Saoirse and the Canadaian Tahrir



Gaza’s International Waters (SaebPress)…SaebPress learned  today @11.00
am from Trevor Hogan (Palestine Aid) on-board the Irish Ship to Gaza MV Saoirse, that two ‘Israeli ships’ are rapidly approaching the Irish and Canadian boats. The MV Saoirse and Tahrir where 48 nautical miles (88km) from Gaza’s shores.

At 11:12 GMT SaebPress received news from MV Saoirse, that Israeli forces have made radio contact with the Tahrir and are questioning their final destination. The ‘Israeli’ military told the Freedom waves vessels they should either return to their port of origin or sail to Egypt.

SaebPress lost contact with the two ships, the Irish  Saoirse and the Canadaian Tahrir, while trying to break ‘Israel’s’  blockade of Gaza. That came after they were intercepted by ‘Israeli’ navy vessels in international waters.

The Freedom Waves flotilla has been boarded by the ‘Israeli’ Force and all activists on-board has been detained by the ‘Israeli’ military.

The two ships are carrying 27 civilian passengers, medical supplies and letters of support for the people of Gaza.

The blockade is in its fifth year and is illegal. This collective punishment has led to untold hardship for the Palestinian people as vital medical supplies and building material is not allowed through.


Meanwhile, Irish Ship to Gaza calls on the Irish government to issue an urgent statement to the Israeli government warning against any harm to the passengers aboard the MV Saoirse.