‘US, Israel seek to control entire ME’



Saeb Shaath on  Iran Nuclear Program
Saeb Shaath on Iran Nuclear Program



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A prominent Middle East expert says that the collapsing capitalist system is seeking to attack Muslim countries to prevent them from advancing their economy or gaining their sovereignty.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert, tells us more about the opportunistic US and Israeli regimes.

The following is a transcript of the interview.


Press TV: In a sense, by naming these nuclear scientists on the report, it’s kind of like putting out a hit list on these scientists. And we’ve seen, obviously, some that have been assassinated.

Let’s talk about the transparency a little bit. It’s very interesting that earlier in the year there was a visit by the Deputy Director General Herman Nackaertz. This was the first time that he visited Iran in the course of a week. Basically, he was allowed to visit the nuclear installations. He was accompanied by Dr. Ali Asghar Soltanieh wherever he went.

I’m reading some of the details of his visit included the production of the water plants. And one of the amazing things showing the transparency, I’m indicating here, is that he was allowed to visit the R&D, which is the research and development on the advanced centrifuges, in which nobody in the world has done in terms of showing centrifuges and also the research and developments on it to what’s called the Eurotam, which is the European Atomic Energy Community. They haven’t even allowed their inspectors to visit this.

When we talk about transparency, this is just one example of which doesn’t get mentioned in the report. So, why it that these types of facts are not revealed or discussed?

Shaath: That’s exactly when President John F. Kennedy was asking Israel to be transparent about its nuclear program. And then suddenly Mr. [Kennedy] was assassinated. I don’t want to go into this. I am not into conspiracy theories but there are a lot of facts into that.

Iran has done its best. But Iran is being targeted from a global plan. The global and region plan of attacking Muslim countries to prevent them from advancing their economy or to feel sovereign over their civil resources, especially at this precise time since the capitalist system is collapsing.

Usually, when the capitalist system faces a huge crisis, the neo-liberals and the imperialist planners and thinkers resort to war. This has happened in the conflict of the First World War, the Second World War, and now the war mongering rhetoric is becoming louder.

The 5th of November report regarding the Iranian nuclear program is exactly repeating what the Israelis and United States of America were saying for years. And that’s why they got Amano to do that job, they got rid of ElBaradei who clearly stated that the Iranian program is a civilian one and there is no military interest in it what-so-ever. They don’t want to look at these facts, so they can understand it.

They want a manufactured pretext so they can attack the country, destroy the country and then loot it. That is the target locally. And regionally, they look to deny China from reaching to the Iranian oil like what they’ve done in Sudan and Libya. They’re trying to apply the same scenario one more time by attacking Iran.

I want to say to Amano one thing: why since we discovered after the earthquake in Japan, in the Fukushima nuclear power plant, there was military activities there, nobody talks about it? This is hypocrisy and double standards.

The other thing,’ Israel’ has over 300 warheads and long range  missiles with a distance of 10,000 kilometres range. Nobody talks about that as well. ‘Israel’ was designed as a function  state to carry attacks on the area in the Middle East and the Arab world ,to sustain the interests of the Western alliance and to secure regimes like Saudi Arabia to prevail, recently  we discovered the secret open alliance  prevailing  between the Saudis ,  the Gulf states and the ‘Israelis’.

Since there is now  a new drone base in Saudi Arabia, a new deployment of American troops are coming out of Iraq and redeployed  in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The whole picture is clearer; it’s edging, leading toward a war. That war is not just targeting Iran. The long term is the Chinese. Here I wonder why the Chinese are not doing anything  about this since they are the end target of this as well?

Press TV: If you could round it up for us, IAEA’s credibility has come into the picture here, especially with the recent report. We’re looking at the credibility of the actors involved behind this which is, obviously, the United States and its allies including Israel at the forefront and, of course, in terms of the regional developments in the Middle East them losing allies. Put it all together for us, with the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, how this has backfired in different fronts.

Shaath: It’s exactly that. Fitzpatrick, one of the former diplomats in the White House  who was a specialist in nuclear diplomacy, as they call it, said that at the 2012 upcoming presidential election in  America, ‘Israel’  will have nearly the means and the will, with no opposition from the United States of America, to carry on a military attack against Iran.

That’s an indication of the position  which is the Obama administration will find itself in, if ‘Israel’s’ to attack it doesn’t have to refer to any sort of permission or green light from the president while he is going for re-election. And that’s what will drag the United States military in the area for a war with Iran. And then it will expand regionally.

From here, we have to notice that the bodies of the IAEA and the rest are controlled by the United States and the Western alliance. So, they lost their credibility; since such bodies serve their Western powers interests. As well they give a sort of legal advice to Israel that its own action against Iran can have some kind of legitimacy. This is a dangerous situation.

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