A father killed and his two young sons seriously injured in an ‘Israeli’ strike on Gaza

an 'Israeli' strike on Gaza
An ‘Israeli’ strike on Gaza



       Large explosions rock the Gaza city and the city OF Khan Younis south of Gaza as a result of an ‘Israeli’ air attack on the Gaza Strip. Local medics in Gaza informed SaebPress ‎that “37 years old Bahjat Elzalan have been killed;  and his two young boys of six-month-old and eight years old seriously injured ”.


Moreover Gaza’s medics reported there is tens of wounded and the number of fatalities and injured people going to  rise since unknown number of people are  still under the rabble of targeted buildings.


On Thursday an ‘Israeli’ air strike on a car killed two brothers and wounded two other men on a crowded Gaza street, local medical officials said. Local reports indicate that an ‘Israeli’ drone fired a rocket at the car. The men were identified initially as Issam Al-Batish and Sobhi Al-Batish; two brothers.


Issam was a member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fatah movement and Sobhi was affiliated with Hamas armed wing; according to local informed source. Hours later, Gaza fighters fired several rockets at ‘Israel’ targets near the city of Beersheba, ’Israeli’ police reported.


The armed wing of Fatah said it fired a missile toward the Negev amid ‘Israeli’ shelling of central Gaza. Al-Aqsa Brigades said it fired a missile toward the Mishmar HaNegev kibbutz in response to “the assassination that took place today.” It was only the group’s initial response, a statement said.


‘Israeli’ airstrike killed two people in the central Gaza Strip and two more were injured in the explosion. Witnesses said a parked car was hit near Omar al-Mukhtar Street.




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