Hamas’s new moves and ‘Israel’s’ airstrikes on Gaza.

The American School in Gaza
The American School in Gaza



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Marking the 3rd anniversary of the Gaza war, ‘Israeli’ F-16 Made in the USA dropped 3 missiles on North West of Gaza City on early Thursday morning, as the blockaded coastal enclave marked the third anniversary of the war on Gaza.The target said to be close by the destroyed American school in Gaza [during 2008 ‘Israel’s’  war on Gaza].

On Wednesday An ‘Israeli’ tank fired on northern Gaza, without causing  much damage or injuries. The blast followed two ‘Israeli’ airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Tuesday evening, which killed Abdallah Telbani and injured 10 other Palestinians. The blast that ripped through a motorised rickshaw, in Gaza City, hospital officials said.

Hamas’s new moves.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshal has instructed the group’s military wing to cease attacks on ‘Israeli’ positions, a senior source in Fatah said.  “Meshal issued the order based on understandings between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Meshal during their recent talks in Cairo” the source said.

According to the source “Meshal ordered a de facto cease-fire with ‘Israel’ not only in the Gaza Strip, but also in the West Bank”… that order was issued in late November, during the reconciliation talks in Cairo between Hamas and Fatah, the two organizations agreed to focus on a popular struggle along the lines of the Arab Spring”.

Meanwhile, the Hamas interior minister in Gaza, Fathi Hamad was surprised by Meshal’s statement and said “the only way to liberate the occupied Palestine is through the armed struggle. The group’s Gaza’s leadership does not necessarily intend to abide by Meshal’s policy, Hamad added.

Meshal reiterated late last week that “popular protest had the power of a tsunami and has already proved itself in the Arab world “. But he added that the organization “would not give up the use of violence against ‘Israel’ “.

“We and Fatah now have a common basis that we can work on, and that is the popular protest, which expresses the power of the people,” Meshal said.

The Hamas leader also expressed his support for a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Al-Quds /Jerusalem. “Fatah and we have political differences, but the common ground is agreement on a state within the 1967 borders,”  he said  adding that  “the decision to focus on the popular struggle was made by the Hamas advisory body”, [the ‘Shura Council’].

Fatah sources confirmed that Hamas does not intend to officially recognize ‘Israel’ or accept peace agreements with it. Rather, they going to focus on popular protest and consent to a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. The sources said Hamas is not planning to stop arming itself, and will respond if attacked by ‘Israel’.

Meshal  is  interested in unity and in bringing Hamas into the PLO the Fatah source added.

Meanwhile, the speaker of the Palestinian parliament, Aziz Duwaik, a Hamas member, said that  “parliament would convene a joint session in both Gaza and the West Bank as early as early February” . A Palestinian unity government will be established at the end of January, and it will have no political tasks other than preparing for elections, Aziz Duwaik said.

Source: SaebPress/reporters/ Agencies