Manufacturing a 3rd World War


Manufacturing a 3rd World War

Iran and Syria a springboard for a global war


Manufacturing a 3rd World War
Manufacturing a 3rd World War

By Saeb Shaath

05 Dec 2011

On Sunday a senior, unnamed, Iranian military official claimed that Iran Army’s electronic warfare unit, successfully targeted the American-built RQ-170 Sentinel Stealth aircraft after it crossed into Iranian airspace over the border with neighbouring Afghanistan.

The news comes as the United States has beefed up its military presence in and around the Gulf region in recent months, in the wake of popular uprising in Yemen, the Eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

In November, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors passed a resolution urging Iran to provide access to its nuclear facilities to UN experts, claiming that Iran had been actively developing weapons. While Iran continues to maintain that their nuclear ambitions are for peaceful purposes. The western powers have chosen to tighten sanctions on Iran.

In response to the western imposition of sanctions, dozens of Iranian students stormed the British embassy in Tehran. Meanwhile, diplomatic tensions between Iran and the West continued to build up. Britain immediately shut down its embassy in Tehran and closed the Iranian embassy in London. Norway closed its embassy in Tehran, while Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands all opted to recall their ambassadors.

Germany’s ‘fantastic’ contributions

A few days ago, German Officials announced that Iran will target US military bases located in Germany if Washington launches an attack against its nuclear programme in Tehran, according to the German newspaper Bild.

German security services claimed that they had held an investigation into a German businessman suspected of having secret ties with the Iranian Embassy in Berlin. They accused him of helping to plan an attack on American Air Force bases located in the country.

The German Chief Prosecutors’ office claimed that the businessman was suspected of involvement in “espionage and sabotage”. The German media estimated that the suspect engaged in intelligence gathering for possible attacks on dozens of American military bases in western Germany, potential targets included airstrips in military bases that serve the US army and NATO forces.

Their findings uncovered no ordinary businessman. They unearthed a covert operator on the scale of Terminator, or a league of 007s.

Meanwhile, Germany is arming Israel with nuclear dolphin-type submarines, reportedly is capable of carrying nuclear-tipped missiles. Germany has already provided Israel with three Dolphin submarines, 90% of which are centrally funded by Berlin. Two more are under construction for The Zionist entity.  The submarines are designed to carry out operations far away and are to be positioned close Iran.

What does this remind us of? It echoes uncannily the predictable plots with which the USA habitually accuses the Arabs and the Iranians. In a scene straight out of Hollywood, last October the US Attorney-General Eric Holder told the world that they had uncovered “a deadly plot directed by factions of the Iranian government to assassinate a foreign Ambassador on US soil with explosives”. This spurious plot extended to cover more attacks and more countries.

The ‘Israeli’ press on daily basis talks openly (and ironically) about covert operations; operations that its secret agents are carrying out deep inside Iran. Bombing Operations; sabotaging civil and military sites moreover the assassination of Iranian scientists.

The Western powers and ‘Israel’, who demonised Iraq and fabricated ‘ facts’ and jettisoned lies to justify the attacks, occupation and looting of Iraq, are now actively manufacturing a pretext for a new war in the Middle East. It’s a repeat of the Iraqi scenario to be imposed on Iran.

Civilization in reverse

The UN Human Rights Council has passed a resolution condemning Syria for “gross violations that may amount to crimes against humanity. “We’ve set the stage in a very substantive way for strong action by the UN if other entities choose to take the opportunity,” US ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe told Reuters news agency. That indeed is a Pretext for military action NATO style against Syria.

The western powers are driving the whole process of civilization and international law in reverse, it happened to Palestine; now they call it ‘Israel’. In Iraq and Libya we witnessed the false evidence and invented events and victims to destroy the country in the name of saving it from war crimes committed against the Libyan people. When we ask what those crimes were, or who supplied the UN with the facts and figures, they point at The ‘TNC’. As it turned out, the “facts and figures” used to wage a “humanitarian war” on Libya went through no verification.

One more time we ask who supplied the UN with these facts and figures about Syria, have these claims thoroughly examined?  Fingers point to the western backed ‘Syrian Transitional Council’ or we can say the ‘Libyan Transitional council in Syria’; Ask any reasonably informed person to find a difference. Ask any person with a conscience to find a justification.

Personally, I ask daily why such horrendous claims have not been thoroughly investigated.  Then I refer back to the case of Palestine and its nine million refugees; Iraq and its six million refugees and knowing that Syria is a victim of the same monstrous scenario. Sanctions against Syria and pending scenarios of an intervention into the only defiant Arabic country are very similar with the war in Libya. They are, after all, produced by the same think tanks.

While the UN bodies act swiftly, to impose justice by NATO firepower; I have to wonder why don’t they save nine million Palestinian refugees?  The people of this usurped nation have been scramming and begging the UN for the last 64 years for protection from ‘Israeli’ genocide. What went wrong with the noble UN there?

I have always believed that the UN and its bodies, the’ International Criminal Court’, the World Bank, and the IMF, and the claimed ‘international law’  are multipurpose toolkit for the acquisitiveness of western powers.  Therefore I say that: The protection of human rights in Syria is a cosmetic operation for regime change.

Adapting the Libyan scenario to Syria means unleashing contra forces to wage a dirty war, triggering ruthless insurgency activities. Western-run media outlets, Aljazeera TV and its’ sisters introduced and presented Contra forces to the world opinion as freedom fighters.  Potentially a civil war erupts across a nation, and then engulfs the whole Middle East.

Iran and Syria a springboard for a global war

Manufacturing a 3rd World War Now

Usually, when the capitalist system faces a huge crisis, the Neo-Liberals now, and previously the imperialist planners and thinkers, resort to war. This has happened in the First World War, the Second World War. Right now warmongering rhetoric is becoming louder; it is howling in defence of itself. Capitalism is broken; it needs wars to bring wealth to its masters and to restructure itself.

To install a “friendly” regime in Iran it means looting the country’s vast petrochemical resources by Western multinational Corporates. Western powers are aiming to divide Syria and replace the Syrian state with sectarian, reactionary, fragmented entities that would be friendly with ‘Israel’, whose security and stability is a core strategic and geopolitical aim of the West.

The West can feed its own interests regionally, by surrounding Russia and denying it a significant strategic presence in Syria. The scattering of fanatical religious mini-states can serve the western military complex very well by keeping the war on terror going for as long as needed.  Moreover, western control over the Middle East can slow the industrial boom in China down to a wide degree, by stopping China from reaching Iranian oil; they succeeded in doing just that in Sudan and Libya.  Both of China and Russia are embedded in any incoming war in the Middle East for sure.

Russia responding militarily and China is talking tough

On Friday 2nd Dec, we were told by The UN Human Rights Council’s panel that ‘Syrian security forces committed crimes against humanity, including the killing and torture of children by order of Assad’s government’s higher echelons. Minutes after that the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that ‘The UN Human Rights Council should not be used to interfere in Syria’s internal affairs or achieve political goals that violate the UN Charter’.

Russia  responded militarily by sending the battle group of three vessels led by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to Syrian port of Tartus, while the US 6th Fleet were patrolling the area. China is talking tough but we have not seen any actions to safeguard its own interests specifically in Iran. China recently lost its oil supplies from both Sudan and Libya to the West.

I wonder if China can afford to lose a friendly Iran and have a hostile pro-western regime installed in Teheran so close to home. If China needs no more to sustain its industrial miracle and does not care about the prosperity of its people; then it would do nothing to stop western geopolitical designs on Iran and Syria.  Otherwise it should be actively flexing its economical muscles to influence the western decision makers elite; the transnational corporate elite.

In the current global financial meltdown of capitalist economies China can influence the cash starved western Europeans and Americans, since China is the chief creditor and lender to the western powers.

It is Critical to both of Russia and China, not to allow the western geopolitical designs on Syria to go down the Libyan rote. That is why both of the great powers vetoed the anti-Syrian western-proposed UN resolution at the Security Council, and rejected on Friday 2nd Dec the UN Human Rights Council’s list of accusations against Syria. Meanwhile both countries see that the international community should act as a mediator between the Syrian government and the opposition parties, and calling on the west to stop supporting the Syrian opposition.

I’m sure the strategic planners and thinkers in both Russia and China are engaged fully in protecting their national security and applying the accurate strategic equilibrium to all the scenarios of this dangerous global geopolitical game. If they attain that goal of guarding their national interests by stopping the Wild West style military adventures of the collapsing capitalist system; then only then, they can dig themselves out of the Zero-sum game.


 Saeb Shaath: Writer, thinker, public speaker, Middle Eastern affairs Expert and a former diplomat.




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