Marking the 3rd anniversary of the Gaza war, ‘Israeli’ warplanes Killed Telbani and injured 10 others.




War on Gaza
Criminal War on Gaza


GAZA CITY— (SaebPress / Reuters) — An ‘Israeli’ airstrike killed one person in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday as the blockaded coastal enclave marked the third anniversary of the war on Gaza.


Abdallah Telbani died and 10 other Palestinians were injured by a blast that ripped through a motorised rickshaw, in Gaza City, hospital officials said.


They said Telbani was linked to Islamist militants sworn to fighting ’ Israel’, and who have at times chafed against Hamas ceasefire efforts. A Gaza official said the tuk-tuk   [motorised rickshaw] was attacked by airstrike.


An ‘Israeli ‘ military spokesperson confirmed the strike, saying: “A squad affiliate with recent terrorist activity was targeted in the Gaza Strip.”


Source: Reuters