No Negotiations with Apartheid ‘Israel’ – Let it Self-Destruct!



By: Fadi Zanayed



Fadi Zanayed
Fadi Zanayed




Hamas has called upon the Palestinian Authority to boycott talks with Apartheid ‘Israel’. I agree.


I consider myself a moderate, having called for the recognition of ‘Israel’ as early as 1980 during my college days. I gave the Apartheid State of ‘Israel’ every consideration but peace came to the doorsteps but it has never entered the door.


Apartheid ‘Israel’ continues to delay any final status talks. It never wants to discuss the status of Jerusalem, its borders and the right of return. Why? Apartheid ‘Israel’ delays peace because its internal politics does not allow it to accept peace. ‘Israel’ Is controlled by its minority, by the apartheid settler mentality, by the ultra-orthodox religious right wing fanatics.


The structure of ‘Israel’s’ structure of government is that no one political party is capable of garnishing a clear majority in the Apartheid Knesset. Therefore only coalition governments have governed Apartheid ‘Israel’, leaving each governing party to be at the mercy of the minority parties within the coalition.


With this governmental structure, Apartheid ‘Israel’ is incapable of wanting peace! Therefore, negotiations with Apartheid ‘Israel’ are delusional.


Apartheid ‘Israel’ keeps demanding additional conditions upon the Palestinians that it knows the Palestinians will not accept. After numerous demands upon the Palestinians, Apartheid Israel now wants the Palestinians to recognize it as a “Jewish State.” Additionally, Apartheid ‘Israel’ wants to restart negotiations without any preconditions. It does not want to stop its illegal settlement building, does not want to negotiate the status of Jerusalem and does not want to discuss its borders. It wants to leave these issues to final status talks that never materialize because it continues to put obstacles to those talks.


Apartheid settler mentality, Jewish right wing fanatics.
Apartheid settler mentality, Jewish right wing fanatics.

With this mentality, Apartheid ‘Israel’ is incapable of wanting peace! Therefore, negotiations with Apartheid ‘Israel’ are delusional.


Additionally, Apartheid ‘Israel’ believes it can continue the status quo of its apartheid policies without any consequences. Apartheid ‘Israel’ rules two peoples with different discriminatory laws—apartheid. Apartheid ‘Israel’ builds by-pass roads for Jews only—apartheid.


Apartheid ‘Israel’ builds a separation wall—apartheid. Apartheid ‘Israel’ has created Palestinian enclaves and ghettos and surrounded them with walls or electronic wired fences—apartheid. Apartheid ‘Israel’ cannot sustain these apartheid practices for long.


There are many indications that exposing the Apartheid State of ‘Israel’ will be effective to change the status quo. The boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement is taking hold.


One good example is the bankruptcy of Agrexco, Apartheid ‘Israel’s’  leading flower exporter, which was targeted for boycott by more than 20 organizations in Europe in 13 countries. The Methodist Church had passed an “anti-Israel” motion demanding a boycott of goods from “illegal” settlements.


Pension funds are divesting from companies that do business with Apartheid ‘Israeli’ settlements. Cultural events are in Apartheid ‘Israel’ are being boycotted. Many musicians are boycotting Apartheid ‘Israel’. [1]


“The international campaign to boycott Ahava beauty products has recently won the support of a Dutch parliamentarian and an Israeli peace group. During the past few months, activists in Canada, the UK, Ireland, ‘Israel’, the United States and the Netherlands have campaigned against the sale of Ahava products because of the company’s complicity in the ‘Israeli’ occupation.”[2]


With the growing BDS movement that will increase month by month, Apartheid ‘Israel’ will not be able to sustain its apartheid practices. Therefore, negotiations with Apartheid Israel are not necessary. ‘Israel’ will self-destruct.


There are other indications that Apartheid ‘Israel’ will self-destruct. The Apartheid ‘Israeli’ has passed laws that allow Jewish communities to decide who they want to exclude from their community an obvious way to segregate Palestinians from Jews.


Public buses that transport ultra-Orthodox Jews make women sit in the back of the bus. Apartheid ‘Israel’ has passed laws that require loyalty oath to the “Jewish and democratic” state pitting the left and right political parties against each other. [3]


Therefore, when Hamas calls upon the Palestinian Authority to boycott negotiations with Apartheid ‘Israel’, there are many reasons why this advice should be accepted. Negotiating with Apartheid ‘Israel’ is a waste of time. Let us let time bring Apartheid ‘Israel’ to abandon the occupation.


Fadi Zanayed: Is an author, poet, community activist and an attorney since 1985. A Palestinian American whose family originates from Ramallah, Palestine.