The rotten truth of ‘Israel’ Apartheid State

The rotten truth of  ‘Israel’  Apartheid State
The rotten truth of ‘Israel’ Apartheid State

[youtube B7SlTvuiXR4]


The rotten truth of ‘Israel’  Apartheid State


Palestine…(SaebPress)….This is so painfully horrible to watch, but it is essential to see what the Palestinians have to endure every time they try to move within their own territory. This is their life, day in and day out, going to work, school, hospital, visiting, shopping. Just imagine for a second if you were stopped and humiliated like this every time you ventured out of your house.


By the end, you feel completely disgusted with the appalling regime ‘Israel’ institutes against a people in their own land whilst pretending it is a normal state to the rest of the world. God help you Israel because nothing in the end will save you from sickness you have cultivated in your own people.


You are already decaying from within. Please post this video far and wide. People need to see with their own eyes the rotten truth of this Apartheid State.