The Saudi hacker strikes again, he releases 11,000 and promises one million more ‘Israeli’ credit cards.



“Hurting a person who occupied innocent people’s land and hurts innocent people is not bad thing, it’s a payback.” 0xOmar wrote.


OxOmar the Saudi hacker strikes again, he has released 11.000 ‘Israeli’s’ cards details and promises one million to be published soon. “I’ll publish all the ‘Israeli’ credit cards I own which reaches one million. I’ll do it soon!”  0xOmar said.


 It’s a Payback

OxOmar, the Saudi hacker has released a new file containing credit card information belonging to 11,000 ‘Israelis’ on Thursday, days after leaking a list of financial details of 400 thousands ‘Israelis’, and promised  to release one million ‘Israeli’ credit cards numbers.

According to Ynet ‘Israeli’ website, the 19-year-old OxOmar, considers his actions as ‘’a payback for ‘Israel’s’ wrongdoing’’. …” ‘Israel’ attacks and kills innocent Palestinian people, they do genocide, they even break legal international rules,” …”Hurting a person who occupied innocent people’s land and hurts innocent people is not bad thing, it’s a payback.” OxOmar wrote.

OxOmar said his actions were meant “to harm ‘Israel’ for now financially and socially, by creating long queues and crisis and panic.”

Just the beginning

‘’that the latest leaks are just the beginning, and soon to leak more financial data belonging to ’Israelis’, as well as documents belongs to military contractors and companies who manufacture surveillance equipment’’, OxOmar said.

In a message attached to the file, OxOmar threatened to release a comprehensive list containing 60,000 credit card entries. The updated file contains credit card numbers, passwords and other personal details that were stolen from ‘Israeli’ coupon websites.


According to a message left on the Saudi hacking group Group-XP’s message board, OxOmar was able to hack “much more than one can imagine.”

Credit card companies have announced that they have a list of all hacked numbers, and are currently enlisting teams to assess the situation and update cardholders. According to the companies, only a few tens of thousands of newly-issued cards were hacked, and were cancelled before any transactions were carried out.

OxOmar’s message comes after he was able to penetrate one of ‘Israel’s’ leading sports websites and released the personal information of 400 thousands of ‘Israelis’.


OxOmar's message
OxOmar’s message


OxOmar called on surfers to use the details in order to purchase goods online. “It will be so fun to see 400,000 ‘Israelis’ stand in line outside banks and offices of credit card companies to complain that their cards had been stolen. To see banks shred 400,000 cards and reissue them. To see that ‘Israeli’ cards are not accepted around the world, like the Nigerian cards,” OxOmar wrote.

OxOmar, who called the cyber-attack a “gift to the world for the New Year,” broke into the “ONE” sports website and announced they had leaked the information. They also attached a link to a webpage from which the data could be downloaded.

People who visited One’s website, on Monday, were redirected to a page on, where a message by a hacker who identified himself as ‘OxOmar ′ suggesting visitors download a linked file containing a database of Israelis’ and their personal information, including names, addresses, and credit card, telephone, and ID numbers.

The file included a number of lists with the details of tens of thousands of persons. One of the lists included what the hackers termed 65 Zionists, who purchased products from a website called Judaism. Another list included the details of 500 people who donated to rabbis. The list includes many ‘Israeli’ celebrities, including athletes and cultural figures.

According to the message posted by OxOmar, ‘’they hacked into multiple ‘Israeli’ websites, in which ‘Israelis’ frequently purchase products with credit cards. The group’s objective was to reach the credit card numbers of one million ‘Israelis’. OxOmar said.

Meanwhile a message left on the Saudi hacking group Group-XP’s message board said,’’ OxOmar, was able to hack “much more than one can imagine.”


Source: SaebPress/Ynet