US aims at cornering China through Syria

Armed gangs attacking civilians in Syria
Armed gangs attacking civilians in Syria



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Western media reports contradict reality on the ground in Syria according to the Arab League that points the finger to US agenda to dominate Middle East resources.


Press TV talks with Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert about the observations of Arab League representatives in Syria, that completely contradict western media reports, going so far as accusing western media of fabricating fake video footage of Syria unrest in order for the West to justify a military intervention of the scale of Libya on Syria.

Press TV: The media has been feeding the world, in terms of its content, largely based on information from the Syria Observatory for Human Rights in London. The observatory is said to be supported by the western military alliance, which it’s said is in permanent liaison with the British Foreign Office and the US State Department – Don’t you find that to be a conflict of interests when it comes to bringing out the news about Syria and what is going on the ground?

Saeb Shaath: It’s an exact repeat of the scenario they used in Libya when they told us there was 50,000 people being killed by Gaddafi at the time. Now, on the ground nobody can prove that. There are no bodies; no evidence of what they were telling us repeatedly. They took decisions according to the NTC Transitional Council of Libya at the time, TNC’s word was the absolute gospel and truth to them ,they sent forces and invaded Libya.

Today we discover that all atrocities in Libya were committed by NATO; and their Qatari forces. That is ‘the light’ from which some parties in the Arab League were scared of, since they went to Libya and they saw no evidence of what the NTC claimed.

They don’t want to a see a repeat of that in Syria. I’ll give you an example – the first day when The general the head of Arab League mission and his monitors went to Homs. Al-Jazeera tried to discredit them saying there was a 70,000 strong march in Homs, yet not even one Arab League worker can confirm that. Al-Jazeera continues to show the throwing of teargas, bullets, everything and it shows its own videos, but many experts were mentioning these video clips having being produced in Lebanon and some other areas – So, their lies have been discovered.

Qatar’s hands was stopped in the Arab League from picking and choosing monitors since there were stories coming in the news and as well secret reports about Qatar’s role in Syria trying to damage the country and to push it towards civil war. Some of the evil NTC Transitional Council leaders in Libya were complaining about the Qatari role in Libya. That has made the Arab League to not to let Qatar interfere in picking representatives. Now we see the representatives they don’t receive orders directly from Hamad or Qatar.

The Arab League’s statement on the situation in Homs said they are reassured and that there is nothing scary in Homs happening. Meanwhile the news coming in today from Al-Jazeera moves to discredit them, which pushed the Arab League to say that their general is a very experienced military general and diplomat. So they try – the French, the Americans; and Al-Jazeera as their puppet – to discredit the Arab League monitors because they want to create havoc in Syria.

Press TV: Is this going to pull in China and Russia? Looking at not only countries in the Middle East, you could name them for us, and pulling in Russia and China into the bigger picture of… if this conflict does play out the scenario on the ground.

Saeb Shaath: The Western forces led by the USA are playing a highly risky global geo-political game here. The USA is trying after their withdrawal from Iraq to limit the geo-political gains of Iran, through destroying Syria and disseminating it into many mini- states, which will then ally itself to ‘Israel’ in the future. And in that way they think they can corner Iran.

By cornering Iran they mean in the longer term to corner China. After they denied China access to Sudan by splitting Sudan into south and north – the south of Sudan is controlled by the Zionists and the Americans now, which includes the main oilfields there – Destroying Libya and denying the Chinese access to Libya – that denies the Chinese any chance of touching the sweet Libyan oil as we call it.
So, what’s left is for the Chinese to protect its strategic interests in Iran. And if they do not move in that way, China will never ever be considered one of the really strong economical states in the future.

At the same time , there is a war going on about the gas pipe lines. The main three countries, Russia, Iran and Qatar, these are the three main producers of gas worldwide. And to reach Syria, Iran can export its gas through the Mediterranean. Denying access to Iran or to Russia means controlling the gas industry by the US.

So it’s all about the US world domination game. And Syria became part of it. The next move in the game is on Syria to tackle Iran then China.

Source: Press TV