OxOmar the Saudi hacker: ‘how much time do Mossad needs to find me?’




A third file containing hacked credit card details of ‘Israelis’ was published by another hacker, identifying himself as “X” on Friday evening, the new file contains some Data from the same credit cards that was revealed earlier this week.

‘Israeli’ financial sources warned that the current file might contain a Trojan horse and that “people should refrain from downloading it”.

This latest publication was not the work of the Saudi hacker OxOmar , but another person, who used the information contained in the files published earlier.

In a message, the hacker identifies himself as hacker “X,” and says he belongs to Group-XP, which OxOmar  stated he is part of.

OxOmar responded on Friday evening, saying that this was not the list he has, “My list contains details of 1.1 million credit cards, and has not been updated since Thursday. I don’t publish viruses, and I don’t know the person who published this list” he confirmed.


OxOmar  said earlier this week that he had revealed information including credit card details, personal addresses, names, phone numbers and ID numbers of individuals listed on the website, One.co.il.

OxOmar 0 dismisses  the ‘Israeli’ blogger claim to have uncovered his identity .

Meanwhile an ‘Israeli’ blogger Amir Fedida claimed on Friday, that OxOmar  currently resides in Mexico, according to Fedida, the hacker is a 19-year old who works in a café, and studies computer science in at the “Hidalguense Cenhies” in Mexico. Fedida claims the hacker is originally from the United Arab Emirates.

Hours after blogger claimed to have uncovered the identity of the hacker, OxOmar  told ‘Israeli’ media that they got the wrong person, adding that “No one is going to arrest me, it’s not possible.”

OxOmar  mocked the claim that his identity was revealed, stating : “If a stupid student thinks he can find me within 8 hours of work, what will Mossad do? But I’m still here and no one can find me, make sure, no worries, I’m waiting”.

OxOmar  : how much time do Mossad or interpol needs to find me?”

OxOmar  insisted that it was a wrong identification, claiming that “it’s impossible to track me via email or facebook or anything like that. I’m an advanced hacker who knows everything about the internet; I know very well how to hide myself…..I’ll send more files and more emails, how much time do Mossad or interpol needs to find me?” adding that he was from Riyadh, not Mexico.

OxOmar  stated that his next targets include  ‘’military contractors and ‘Israeli’ SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), the enemy must be targeted slowly, not with one hit, so that the enemy will suffer more”. OxOmar  spelled out why he is  targeting ‘Israel’  he wrote.. ”  ‘Israel’ attacks and kills innocent Palestinian people, they commit genocide, and they even break legal international rules, the entire world has a problem with ‘Israel’, I want to harm ‘Israel’ financially and socially.” OxOmar  said.


Sources:SaebPress /  haaretz.

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