Ron Paul, a mass movement or divine intervention

Ron Paul


By Saeb Shaath

20th Feb 2012


         Ron Paul’s warning of “the U.S. is ‘slipping into a fascist system’ dominated by government and big businesses” was received with interests by many Americans. Paul talked about a range of issues from bringing troops home to end costly wars to promoting self-government. Ron Paul made it very clear that he stands for the constitution and that’s important .His pledge to end America’s involvement in wars all over the world, Ron Paul is actually proposing a foreign policy of peace which would help to strengthen and safe guard international peace and security.


Paul brought up the issue of cutting the budget, and said that’s what he would be engaged in doing. But Big Business and the Military Industrial Complex won’t allow that to happen. The USA’s elite (western’s elites in total) believe even at time the western countries are facing economic bankruptcy, that their countries should be actively expanding their military spending and fighting more wars. That is the neocons-neoliberal’s solid belief in sustaining their economic growth -by looting and dominating other nation’s natural resource, and that is achievable only by winning wars. It’s the model the western elites uses to get their hands on wealth and resources, implemented in WW I, WW II, Latin America, Asia, Iraq , Libya …etc. Right now warmongering rhetoric is becoming louder; it is howling in defence of itself. Capitalism is broken; it needs wars to bring wealth to its masters and to restructure itself.


The argument above is what Ron Paul asserted when he said “the U.S. got off track about 100 years ago during the era of President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson led the nation through World War I”.


All the above certainly shows Ron Paul is telling the truth, that what makes his views very popular among the ordinary American people. Meanwhile that popular support does not guarantee Ron Paul a victory. The US of A is not about the ordinary American people, what Ron Paul is going to face on the other side are the real controllers of America; the very powerful Big business and the military industrial complex; they will never allow him to become President, using all the tricks and tools at their disposal, corporate media, extortion, manipulation of voting, Suppression of results; they well find a way to place him in the shadows.


For Ron Paul to win and to implement his vision, the ordinary American people  needs to build a real popular mass movement to support and protect Ron Paul, otherwise a divine intervention is the only answer.


Dr Saeb Shaath is an Author, a Middle East Political Expert, public speaker on Middle Eastern affairs, a frequent guest on Press TV, other TV and Radio shows.


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