‘Israel’ preparing for a showdown with the Global March to Jerusalem




Global March to Jerusalem al-Quds, Palestine.


Jerusalem al –Quds (SaebPress) — Arab and International Activists are readying themselves for the Global March to Jerusalem al-Quds set for Friday, March 30, Marches will begin in Syrian capital Damascus in the next few days.


On Saturday, the first group from the Asian convoy arrived to Damascus joining the Syrian and Palestinian activists whose taking part in the Global March to Jerusalem al-Quds. Activists involved with the organization of the march confirmed that another group will arrive to Syria from 15 Asian countries.

Two months ago, the international committee of the Global March to Jerusalem began organizing the global march under the logo “Freedom for Jerusalem, No Occupation, No Ethnic Cleansing and Segregation, No for Judaising of Palestine, its land and holy sites.”

Massive marches will be organized in Palestine, activists from Asia, Africa and Europe to gather in neighbouring countries to Palestine (Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon) to  March towards Jerusalem al-Quds.

Organizers of the Global March are waiting for confirmation from the Jordanian government to permit  protesters to gather  in a named location, while in Egypt protests are planned  to assemble  at Tahrir Square and Al-Azhar Mosque  in Cairo.

‘Israel’ occupation authority  stated that if anyone neared their borders, they would be accused of trespassing, and claimed that the march is organized by anti-‘Israeli’  parties and said that this march won’t be allowed to reach ‘Israel’s’  borders.

The ‘Israeli’ army has also increased its alert levels and drafted in extra battalions in case of a repeat of last year’s successful  storming of borders by Palestinian activists  . Soldiers deployed along ‘Israel’s’ borders have been instructed to increase their level of alert. Security officials are ‘’coordinating their efforts with the Palestinian Authorities security forces in the West Bank in order to prevent any storming  of  Israeli border from the West Bank side”, an informed  source told SaebPress.

 ‘Israel’ called on surrounding countries to prevent demonstrators from approaching its borders, the ‘Israeli’ occupation government , sent warning letters to the governments of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority following the Nakba  day events. ‘Israel’ demanded that they not to allow marches on its borders which could escalate the situation in the region.

On May 2011, many thousands of Palestinians and Arabs joined  simultaneous rallies , in which some Palestinians managed  to storm the  borders of occupied  Palestine from  Lebanon  ,Syria and Gaza, leaving 13 dead by ‘Israeli ‘s occupation fire. The rallies  took place to commemorate the Nakba — the ‘catastrophe 0f 1948‘,  in which hundreds of  thousands of Palestinians were forced out of their towns  and ,villages by  heavily armed western  supported and funded  Zionist’s Jewish terror gangs,  whom established the Zionist entity  of  ‘Israel’  on Palestine .



  1. Nakba — the ‘catastrophe‘, in which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced out of their towns and , villages by heavily armed western supported and funded Zionist’s Jewish terror gangs, whom established the Zionist entity of ‘Israel’ on Palestine.