‘Battle as to down the State in Syria failed’



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Syria’s Flag



Damascus (SaebPress) — Syria declared Saturday that the Year-long efforts and attempt to topple the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad by armed terrorist groups has failed.

Syria is committed to ‘positively cooperate’ with the UN Envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, reiterated Dr. Jihad Maqdisi, the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry Spokesman, asserting that the basics for Syria in dealing with Mr. Annan’s mission or others lie in preserving the sovereignty of Syria as well as in the non-breaching to Syria’s national security and stability, and in the logical and symmetrical implementation- of Annan’s 6-point Plan-.


Maqdisi declared that a protocol is to be signed as to organize the issue of observers to reach to the pacification: ” Syria is soon to receive a negotiating technical team –for talks- between Syria and the United Nations regarding mechanisms of implementation,” said Dr. Maqdisi.


Dr. Jihad Maqdisi, the Syrian Foreign Ministry Spokesman (Photo by SANA)


“Syria calls on the world to help it instead of exerting pressures on it. Syria does welcome the objective of any initiative if its aim were to assist Syria in achieving the reforms and stabilizing the country,” added the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry Spokesman.


Maqdisi asserted that the battle as to down the State in Syria failed and that the battle for stabilization and upgrading the renewed Syria started on the way of development and reforms. Dr. Maqdisi urged Mr. Annan to tour the countries which finance, host and encourage the opposition.


The presence of the illegitimate armed elements within the opposition components is clearly documented internationally and legally and is acknowledged by the latest report issued by Arab Observers Mission, outlined Maqdisi.


“The presence of the Syrian Arab Army in Syrian Cities is for defensive purposes as to protect the civilians, of whom large numbers are taken as hostages to strike against the stability of the country. Once peace and security prevail, the Army is to pull out.” said Dr. Maqdisi.


“The withdrawal of armed appearances would take place once any zone is returned to normal life, and once citizens are able to send their children to schools, restore their normal life, and NOT for allowing the citizens to be taken as hostages, and for power centers to be exploded, people to be killed in the streets, and for arming to be increased,” added Maqdisi recalling the past experience with armed groups which tried to control entire zones once the Army pulled out.


Clinton is not pleased

Moreover, on Saturday, during a press conference with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal; Clinton indicated she has little confidence that Assad would cooperate with Annan’s plan.The US secretary of state Hillary Clinton undermining Annan’s plan by ignoring the recently agreed terms for a ceasefire that includes all involved parties in Syria.

Annan will present a report to the UN General Security Council on Monday, it’s unlikely to change the situation while the US actively undermining his efforts. Annan has pledged that UN peacekeepers would be deployed in Syria as soon as the gunfire subsides


Meanwhile On Thursday, Hezbollah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said, “The armed opposition is incapable of toppling the government, gambling on military efforts to topple it is a losing game and the burdens is too great, more loss of life and property, and  bloodshed with no benefit”. “The issue of bringing down the [Syrian] government through a military option is over,” he said.


Istanbul’s “Friends of Syria” conference.

Representatives from over 70 countries – headed by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are gathering in Istanbul, with absence of delegates from Russia and China who can convince President Assad to agree to any proposed resolution.

Saeb Shaath, a middle East affairs expert stated that “Without Moscow and Beijing’s  the Istanbul’s Friends of Syria conference , have no mechanisms to pressure or  influence Damascus, the Western alliance  and its Arabic League puppets will be left with nothing to do except enjoying the weather or  exchange  meaningless speeches and plans”.

Shaath  went to add “understanding the history of Syria as a country and as an Arab resisting nation, plus its great geopolitical importance globally, made me say on a Press TV interview on (December 2011 )  that … by March 2012 the Syrian people shall win their war against the imperialist’s backed armed opposition groups.” Shaath stated.


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SaebPress / SANA contributed to this report