There is no Archaeological evidence proving that ‘Israel’ ever existed.

‘’Israeli’’ Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Islamic sacred site of Haram El-Sharif
‘’Israeli’’ Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Islamic sacred site of Haram El-Sharif


The state of ‘Israel’ was conceived by the Zionist Lobby at the end of the 19th Century .Agreed by the British with the Balfour Declaration during the first world war    born in violence  in 1948 and brought into being by the United Nations a shameful betrayal of the people of Palestine.

A State that until then had never existed and was described by British Parliamentarians as a Loyal Little Ulster in the Middle East. ‘Israel’ claims its existence as a matter of Divine Right, The Promised Land for the chosen people. Promised to them by God? The people of Britain threw out divine right with Oliver Cromwell but that’s another story altogether and not a pleasant one for the people of Ireland.

There is no physical evidence that ‘Israel’ ever existed Archaeologists have been trying desperately to prove the ‘Israeli’ nation existed by excavating in the places the Torah or Old Testament says the Jewish nation lived but has even today no proof.

They are digging under the Al-Aqsa Mosque desecrating one of the most holy shrines in Islam in their frantic search to prove to the world they have every right to steal the land of Palestine as their own. Which of course they do not.

The Zionist movement was established in 1881 with a congress of likeminded Jews who expressed a wish to have a homeland of their own. They claim the Jewish diaspora needed a safe region of the world free from the rampant anti-Semitism practiced at that time by European Christians. So the first call for a Jewish only nation (is that racist like whites only or a Christian only society) was in fact in   response to state sponsored, endorsed and encouraged anti-Semitism in Europe.

In the middle ages the Christians and the Muslims were forbidden by their religions to be money lenders. Neither a lender nor a borrower be. So in stepped the Jews and became the money lenders Earning interest and derision in equal measure from those who borrowed from them and unfortunately the ire of those in important places who wished not to repay their loans.

Is this how the Rothschild’s and other Jewish banking monopolies became a modern day reality? So we have Europe as a cold house for Jews with violence programs and insecurity as their daily diet. So yes i understand the desire for a safe place to live?

The congress considered several already occupied countries with their own customs traditions and history for their new motherland. No Palestine was not the only option for the Zionists for those in favour of a Zionist (Jewish only) homeland. Ethiopia was also considered as was South America.

Those in influence in the Zionist movement and with sway over European monarchies politicians and governments tried earnestly to be allowed to settle, colonise or invade a land which they could control dominate and eventually cultivate.

These dreams were just that; unfilled wishful thinking.

But dreams can come true or nightmares if you’re a Palestinian living in the West Bank Gaza the Negev Desert East Jerusalem or indeed one of the 5 million refugees in exile living in Lebanon Jordan Egypt or Syria.

The First World War brought Britain to its knees with its imminent destruction and invasion by Germany.

The British needed America to enter the war and Lord Rothschild boldly stated in secret talks with the British government he could get America to enter the war and save Britain; if Britain gave Palestine to the Zionist.

And so a pact was made and Lord Balfour declared in a secret letter to Rothschild that the pact was agreed and the persecution demise and disentrancement of the people of Palestine was sealed a terrible beauty was born.

The people of Palestine were encouraged to rise up against their occupiers (then the Turkish Ottoman Empire part of the German axis in the First World War) and promised their freedom, Arise Lawrence of Arabia.

Then when the war was won Britain reneged on its promise of self-determination (home rule) for Palestine and allowed Zionist Jews to travel to Palestine from Europe and further afield. So, essentially the Jews bought Palestine from the British by encouraging America to come to the aid of the British during ww1.

At first the Jews were welcomed to Palestine but they did not come as migrant workers nor immigrating and assimilating to their new host country they came with the sole purpose of destroying the right of the indigenous population to continue to live on the land of their fathers and ancestral homes for thousands of years and to usurp power and the land.

Jews had always coexisted peacefully side by side with their Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters and represented 2% of the population but this was to change dramatically in the coming years. After all both Arab and Jew are Semite! They are biblical cousins.

Eventually when the Second World War started and ended, the exodus from anti sematic Europe rose to huge proportions. Again the people were welcomed to Palestine by the indigenous population. After all, look what the Europeans had done to so many Jews, gypsies, communists and socialists and trade unionists; tens  of millions died.

 This  huge influx into Palestine of masses of Jewish refugees from Europe,  many with Zionist designs on stealing Palestine from the indigenous peoples, upset the balance of power .There are parallels here  of  the war against the indigenous populations of America and Canada by the white  Christian European settlers  and as with the Maori  Aboriginals and  the even the Irish. From the Wild West to the Middle East. The only good Indian (Palestinian) is a dead Indian (Palestinian).

And so we come to partition in Palestine by the British 1948 (sound familiar) Palestine under the British Mandate was handed over to the UN who then gave half of Palestine to the Zionists Settlers.

The exodus from Europe was mirrored by the exodus from Palestine at the point of a gun. Ethnic cleansing by the stern gangs triggered; massacres in 1947/48 by Zionist Jews on mainly unarmed Palestinian civilians many still leading semi nomadic lives. With no army or police force of their own as they were under British protection! THEY HAD NO DEFENCE. The people ran for their lives or were forced onto boats and made to leave.

 Then we had the 6 day war in 1967 which was a result of Egypt’s attempt to prevent gas going to ‘Israel’ .An Arab Boycott. So America and ‘Israel’ attacked Egypt Syria and Jordan and in the process stole more land from the Palestinians and created the green line; separating ‘Israeli’ occupied Palestine from the West Bank Gaza and East Jerusalem.

From 1967 to the present day 50 % of the West Bank has been illegally stolen from the people of Palestine, by illegal ‘Israel’ settlements. 80% of the water supply is diverted to settlers swimming pools and agriculture  land while some west Bank Palestinian farmers must travel several hours to locate water while they are banned from using their own water wells by ‘Israeli’ military decree.

The call from civil society in Palestine to civil society in the rest of the world is being answered by humanitarians, civil rights activists and global peace activists from Canada to Ireland from Africa to Malaysia. The call is for justice .Will you answer their call?

Support the bid for Palestine to have a seat at the UN before the Israeli master plan (final solution) for Palestine is to steal as much land water and resources as possible eventually leaving two refugee camps administered by the United Nations using our tax revenues, in Gaza and the remnants of the West Bank.

Secure Palestine’s 1967 borders, allow the right of return to ‘Israel’/Palestine under UN Resolution 194; the inalienable right of return to all those forced out of Palestine by the Zionist in 1948 as refugees and displaced persons.

Force ‘Israel’ to end its apartheid regime policy and demand peace security justice equality and freedom for Jew and Arab alike  in a one state solution with parity of esteem a bill of rights and democratic constitution for all. No wall, no discrimination, no Jewish only settlements. Freedom Riders rode the Jewish only busses from the settlements into Jerusalem on Jewish only roads and were arrested and imprisoned; this was on November 15 2011.

Cry Freedom, Justice for all; end Apartheid ‘Israeli’ Practices, Boycott Divest and Sanction ‘Israel’, Start by refusing to buy ‘Israeli’ Products sold in your area. These are made from stolen Palestinian Natural Resources.

80% of Gazan’s are dependent on international food aid, Unemployment rate is 39%, one of the highest in the world. 60% of the population has running water once every 4-5 days and that is for only 6 hrs.; Daily power outages that last for 6 hrs, sometimes last for days.

 Be the difference you want to see in the world.


FRANCIS HUGHES : A Palestinian activist  from Ireland and member of Palestine Aid board of directors.