‘presenting a counter revolution to Egypt as a revolution’


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Egypt’s electoral Commission’s disqualification of certain candidates has made it less likely that SCAF and its partners will enjoy total rule over Egyptians.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Author and Middle East Affairs Expert   Saeb Shaath to further discuss the issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: We know that one of those candidates that was disqualified was the Muslim Brotherhood candidate – What is basically the ruling general’s problem with the Muslim Brotherhood and would you agree that the military rulers by this process of getting involved in the election, as some observers are saying, are trying to create division among Islamic parties at the same time as they’re trying to divide people’s votes?

Saeb Shaath
Saeb Shaath


Shaath: It’s part of what I think is the creating of the counter revolution In the beginning, SCAF sought with allying itself with some political forces, such as Muslim parties to join that as well.

They can present a counter revolution to the Egyptian revolution as a revolution, then they can appease some parties, which joined SCAF with their winnings in the parliament, which will be a useless tool as anything  pass through it  they have to get it to be approved by SCAF.

This is the game… they want to appear on and control  the arena, they [SCAF] pushed forward Omar Suleiman as their  presidential candidate for the  presidential elections since the Muslim Brotherhood as well wanted  to take it all, by negate on what the promised before, that … They are not going to run for the presidential elections.

They thought they are going to take all of the cake, the executive and the legislative council powers as well, here some of the Liberals and even Leftists and nationalists seen the danger of Egypt been controlled totally by the Muslim Brotherhood and some Salafists, that move rang the bell, against the alliance, which was created by SCAF with some Muslim Brotherhood. The battle started in here.

But then we can notice  that the Muslim Brotherhood and some Islamic parties, they start to  see  SCAF as a proper counter-revolution tool? !  and they went last Friday to the Tahrir Square to join the revolution  and they gave the indication that all forces right now are united in Egypt, even to engage in a new revolution  against SCAF, against the counter revolution forces!

Press TV: Mr. Saab Shaath, I’d like to have your view on this… already some people inside of Egypt or outside are saying that this decision that has been made by the current government in Egypt is only a political decision; that the political rulers are using this decision to win popular support because it’s coming ahead of the elections. Now, in your opinion do you think that this cutting of a gas export to Israel is going to stand?

Shaath: I think what you said and what the commentators are saying about the SCAF wanting to use this, yes, I think SCAF is trying to export the panic, which they are going through before the Egyptian presidential election to ’Israel’  as the enemy number one for the Egyptians!?

 United States of America and ‘Israel’ are looking at this very closely,  knowing that  SCAF’s generals   are  their boys in town, whom trying to run the show on their behalf in Egypt.  But at the same time this is the first step, we know that the Egyptian gas supply to ‘Israel’ was imposed on the Egyptians, it was not part of the peace treaty. But since the oil was stopped they imposed the gas supply deal in 2005 and Egypt was robbed from its Gas. They  [Israel]  were taking it for a very cheap price, well below the international price.

Egyptian citizens were paying double or triple the price the ‘Israelis’  were paying  for it,  Egypt needed that gas while the Israelis have taken it and not even paying for it, and some of these companies who were involved in buying the Egyptian gas are suing the Egyptian government after the attacks since the revolution on the  Gas pipeline in Sinai.

They are suing the Egyptian government for billions of dollars and they were taking it [The Gas] as well and not paying the Egyptian government for it, which amounts for hundreds of millions of dollars whipped off the Military Council of Egypt finances.

So  SCAF found themselves in a big dilemma here – How to solve this? And  how to come out of  it popular?  And to use it to push their candidates ,  Amr Moussa or the secret service general forward in the election?   as they suddenly became …  Nationalists, patriots and standing  firmly  against  Israel?

It’s a game and that game the revolutionary Egypt understands very well now, by the time the presidential election is finished and ended in Egypt the revolutionaries had learned their lesson; learned not to trust the SCAF and learned not to trust the puppets of the United States of America or ‘Israel’ in Egypt.

Things like [Stopping the Gas supply to Israel] that will come gradually in Egypt and ‘Israel’ will go back to the position it used to, being  officially – enemy number one of the Arab people of Egypt and that is going to happen step by step.

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