Saudi Arabia expand its dominance over Bahrain.


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Saudi Arabia to announce a merger with Bahrain…After facing more than a year of constant anti-regime demonstrations, have Bahrain’s rulers decided to give up Bahrain to save the Al Khalifas?

The following is the  Press TV’s interview with Saeb Shaath, Kevin Barrett and Hayan Haydar, political experts and analysts.

As Saudi Arabia has reportedly thrown its weight behind a plan to unify the six Arab member states of the GCC ‘’Gulf Cooperation Council’’, many analyst see the move as Riyadh’s agenda to expand its dominance over Bahrain.

Members of the GCC ’’Gulf Cooperation Council’’, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman, are expected to meet and discuss closer union among the six countries on May 14.

The member states claim the purpose of the unity is to counter regional threats.

In December 2011, Saudi King Abdullah called on the council members to move “beyond the stage of cooperation and into the stage of unity in a single entity.”

Reports say Saudi Arabia will merge initially with Bahrain in order for the six-member Arab council to reach unity.

This comes while some members of the council have expressed concern about Saudi Arabia’s possible dominance over the other five countries if the council becomes unified.


source: press tv