Two massive terrorist explosions hit Damascus

Two massive terrorist explosions hit
Two massive terrorist explosions hit Damascus


DAMASCUS, SaebPress — Two massive terrorist explosions hit Damascus the Syrian capital on Thursday morning, at a densely populated area near al-Qazaz crowded intersection at the southern ring-road, the explosions coincided with the early morning rush hour , as employees were arriving at work.

Syrian Ministry of Health stated to the Syrian local TV news network, al-Ikhbariya that the preliminary death toll “reached more than 40 martyrs, 170 wounded and 8 sacks of torn-off limbs”.  SaebPress got the final figures updated from the interior ministry which indicate that 55 people have been killed and 372 wounded.

The UN observers’ team went to inspect the aftermath of the two terrorist attacks. On Wednesday May 9, a roadside bomb went off in the road to Dara’a., targeted a Syrian military truck escorting a convoy of UN observers, Six Syrian soldiers were wounded in the attack who were escorting the convoy. 
Head of the UN mission Major General Robert Mood was also in the convoy, but neither he nor any of the other monitors sustained injuries.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern about the attack in Dara’a on Wednesday.

Ban called on the Syrian government and the opposition to “realize that we have a brief window to stop the violence, a brief opportunity to create an opening for political engagement between the government and those seeking change.”

In a briefing to the U.N. Security Council, special envoy Kofi Annan said Syria is close to a civil war, “I believe that the U.N. Supervision Mission is possibly the only remaining chance to stabilize the country. And I’m sure I’m not telling you any secret when I tell you that there is a profound concern that the country could otherwise descend into full civil war, and the implications of that are quite frightening. We cannot allow that to happen.” Kofi Annan told the U.N. Security Council.


Author and Middle East Political expert, Saeb Shaath, told SaebPress …”since the Syrian State  has successfully established control over most of the ‘’free Syrian army’’ infiltrated areas  near the borders to Lebanon and Turkey, Homs, Hama and  Idlib. The Syrian State demonstrated its strength after 14 month long terror campaign directed at the state”.

Shaath added that “The Qatari, Saudi financed and the French army trained opposition groups, are getting real desperate,   since they failed to take control over any part of Syria and turn it into their base of operation similar to the Libyan TNC in Benghazi.” … Shaath explained that the foreign backed opposition groups “are not interested in bringing about a ceasefire or reaching any political solution to the conflict.  They are intensifying their terror campaign, attacking the Syrian State institutions and the people who support it, in a desperate attempt to bring the country closer and closer to civil war, a scenario engineered by CIA think tanks to bring about a total collapse of Syria. That what the terror bombing campaign trying to bring to Syria.” Shaath stated to SaebPress.