Egypt Rebirth



Saeb Shaath


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 Press TV Interview with Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert.

Mohammed Morsi is the first Islamist and the first civilian to become the president of Egypt in many years, a job held for nearly three decades by Hosni Mubarak who was ousted by an uprising last year. This edition of News Analysis looks at whether Morsi is president for the people, or just a president with limited powers due to the ruling generals’ grip on his rule.


 Excerpts from Saeb Shaath:


The symbolic oath was Morsi’s way to….

1: neutralize a political problem. Since the president traditionally takes the oath of office before parliament, but the parliament was technically dissolved by a high court ruling.

2: SCAF shifted the venue of taking the oath to the supreme constitutional court

3: to reassure the revolutionaries, that he is in their camp and still belongs to them and his mandate came from the revolution. He sent a strong message to SCAF saying that the revolution is continuing until they surrender all power…..

I believe Morsi’s speech was an acceptance of Egypt judicial system ‘’which dissolved the Muslim brotherhood dominated parliament’’, and  a total rejection of SCAF’s limitations on his powers …whether he and his supporters going to fight SCAF on that or accept severe limitations to his powers which stated in amendments referred to as a “constitutional annex, which sharply limited the authority of the president…..

 SCAF generals using the new amendments –constitutional annex—hold more powers legislative and budgetary power, meanwhile general Tantaway is going to be the defence minister and  chief commander of the armed forces …

The revolutionaries and Muslim brotherhood consider the decision to sack the legislature was unconstitutional and rejected the constitutional annex….

Both parties SCAF and the Muslim brotherhood movement do not want an Algerian scenario repeated in Egypt MB and the army worked on avoiding such a result.

President-elect said there is no room for a dependency to any foreign power, and that Egypt can defend itself against any one, he means the USA and Israel in that statement…Egypt shall not compromise on its National security with its African, Arabic or Islamic Dimensions….

Muslim Brotherhood movement has said the protesters will remain in Tahrir Square until they get what they want ….

1. To rid him off the rules limiting the president’s authority .

 2. Reinstating the technically dissolved and Brotherhood-dominated parliament.

President-elect Morsi seems to have little power with which to fulfil the people expectations…

I see Muslim Brotherhood historically works using a strategy of slowly but surely accumulating small gains of political power and digesting it fast.’….

Video source :Press TV