‘US, Israel losing control in Arab world’



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Saeb Shaath:”The balance of power is tilting. The United States of America is losing control in the Arab world. They cannot even sustain their position like last year. They are losing to the masses and losing to the resistance.”

Interview with Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert


Since early 2011, a tide of revolutions and popular uprising has spread across the Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa.



The developments have so far led to the ouster of three US-backed authoritarian dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.


Press TV has conducted an interview with Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert from Northern Ireland’s capital of Belfast. The following is a rough transcript of the interview.


Press TV: Do you think this is the reason why, this escalation from Israel towards the Gaza strip, in terms of Syria and it’s support for resistance groups, in this case in point Palestinian resistance groups? We can mention Hamas, of course. What is the reason behind this escalation from Israel?


Shaath: The recent escalation, Israel want to emphasize the point that any Israeli has been attacked or any target in the entity of Israel has been attacked, it doesn’t matter where it is, Gaza will have to pay the price. If it hits in the north or in the south, Gaza will have to be hit and pay the price.


The resistance in Gaza decided, and Hamas joined them, they are not going to accept such an equation. The Palestinian resistance believes with the change happening in Egypt they are stronger. Militarily they are stronger.


They can counter balance any Israeli attack. They will attack Israel. The resistance hit them with 150 rockets in reply for their air strikes and land strikes against Palestinians which they’ve seen the Israelis systematically committing war crimes against the civilians and population of Gaza. That’s not acceptable to the Palestinians or the Palestinian resistance as your previous guest mentioned, and your guest from Gaza.


The Palestinians have been targeted for nothing!


The Arabs will not do anything. Actually, most of the members of the Arab League consider Israel as their partner in crimes against the resistance camps in Syria, against Iran, and they will not do anything against the Israel, while the Palestinians urging them and urging the international community.


The human rights organizations won’t interfere, to intervene immediately to stop the war crimes against the targeting of the Palestinian civilians.


We see there is a change in the equation [region] right now which the Palestinians feel in Gaza. They are not going to take it anymore. They are going to reply again and they feel they are stronger. Military they are more equipped.


At the same time, I can say myself where’s the United Nations which should clarify to us that the state of Israel, the Zionist entity, is not a state above the international law or humanitarian law.


The United Nations should at least take a step and should show us it can revoke its membership of the state of Israel because the UN knows this state hasn’t respected the human rights’ principles, laws or the United Nations’ conventions, there are  over  60 UN resolutions  regarding Palestine and the Palestinian refugees that the Israelis didn’t respect.


Let us not forget that such a conventions and resolutions were the main tools which created that entity which is called Israel and accepting it as a member of the United Nations.


The United Nations is obliged now to stop the double standards and impose its will if they really mean business on the rogue Zionist state of Israel.


Press TV: If this was to escalate in terms of Israel, what are their plans? We’ve seen what they’ve done to the Gaza strip, perhaps taking advantage of Egypt being focused on their elections. Is that the case?


Also, do they have plans in terms of regionally speaking on not only Gaza but the Sinai to retake that? -Because there’ve been some news reports about that. How do you see it?


Shaath: I  think they are actually trying to pressurize the Egyptian masses, not the Egyptian politicians or even the Muslim Brotherhood. There are done-deals in that.


But the masses, they can influence the decisions taken from now on. They are trying to put a de facto situation in Gaza which there is not going to be a change in the future and they’re not going to succeed in that.


I can say to them that they were defeated in the hands of the resistance in 2006 at the hands of the Lebanese resistance led by Hezbollah. They were defeated!


They’ve been — the Zionists, the Americans and the Arab reactionary regimes — attacking Syria for a year and half and they couldn’t do anything. They couldn’t defeat the resistance camps!


The balance of power is tilting. The United States of America is losing control in the Arab world. They cannot even sustain their position like last year. They are losing to the masses and losing to the resistance.


What are these humanitarian organizations like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch or even anti-war movements who have been bought by CIA-financed think tanks to give the impression worldwide [that] this is a humanitarian organization are pro their policies? We understand exactly what’s happening.


The balance of power is tilting as I’m saying here. There are rising powers and they are facing the United States of America and the Zionist domination in the Middle East and I see [US and the Zionists]they’re going to lose at some stage.


That’s why they’re using Gaza as a chip which they can compromise with the Egyptians or with the Arab regimes.


They can bring even the brothers in Gaza to be a party to the Qataris…so the Israelis can stop their attacks or the Muslim Brotherhood can do a deal in there. That’s not going to happen since the people and the resistance, I emphasize again they are winning.


Whatever the deal that going to happen in Egypt, the people are going to change it. The ones who toppled Mubarak and the Zionist entity [who] was controlling Egypt, they can topple any regime. It doesn’t matter who comes in Egypt.


The counter revolution which they are trying to compose its agenda in different areas of the Arab world is going to fail. A revolution doesn’t take a day, a month or a year, it takes more than that.


They used Latin America as a testing ground before, and in Indonesia they  killed thousands and even at some stage killed millions; but they failed at the end.


The Arab world will fail again, and the revolution will succeed and will brush them outside, with them the Zionist entity, outside the Middle East.



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