Kidnapped Syrian TV Team freed from the dungeons of Terrorist Groups.

Freed Syrian TV team, Yara Saleh, Abdullah Tabreh and Hussam Imad… Photo by SANA


DAMASCUS, (SANA)- SaebPress-; Yara Saleh, Abdullah Tabreh and Hussam Imad,  the team of the Syrian al-Ikhbariya satellite channel who were kidnapped by an armed terrorist group seven days ago in al-Tal area in Damascus Countryside, freed by the Arab Syrian army from the dungeons of Terrorist Groups.


Syrian Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi, a group of journalists and workers at the Syrian Ikhbariya satellite channels gathered early Thursday to receive the freed journalists, stressing that the Syrian media will remain stronger than terrorism.

“The Syrian media is targeted in the war on Syria because it is the beacon of truth which the enemies want to obliterate,” said the freed journalist Yara Saleh, she expressed her anger over the killing  of her  colleague, al-Ikhbariya TV cadre,  Hatem Abu Yehya, whom she said was “hideously lynched by the criminal terrorist group”


Photographer Abdullah Tabreh said the party which kidnapped them was marked by a very vicious criminal nature. Freed Driver Hussam Imad, described how those groups interrogated and tortured them with clubs and electric-shocks. “However, thanks to our brave army, we are freed now from the hands of the criminal gangs,” Imad added.

Information Ministry expressed, on behalf of all the journalists and workers at the Syrian media institutions, gratitude to the Syrian army for freeing al-Ikhbariya TV kidnapped team.

The Ministry added that the national media will remain the fortress of right, credibility and transparency and will never be shaken by “the entities of black terrorism”, stressing that victory is definitely coming.

Source: Syrian Arab TV, SANA, SaebPress.