The Wall of Shame in Palestine

The Nakba 1948 Palestine-Catastrophe- the expelling of Palestinians from their homeland by western sponsored Zionists terror gangs to establish ‘Israel’.
The Nakba -Catastrophe,1948 Palestine , the expelling of Palestinians from their homeland by western sponsored Zionists terror gangs to establish ‘Israel’.

By Fra Hughes

The Wall of Shame which separates the Semitic peoples of Palestine and Occupied Palestine (Israel) began construction on the 16th of June 2002.

That’s ten years ago and its still under construction today!

Comprising of sections of metal fence complete with exclusion zones ditches motion detectors snipers towers unmanned drones thermal imaging technology and military only access roads along with concrete sections more than 8 meters (25 Ft high) at an average cost (probably to the American tax payer) of 1.5 million dollars per mile it seems incredible that Israel thinks this wall will some how be an aid to their defense and last the test of time but hey if some one else is gonna pay for it why not?

With the Fall of the Berlin Wall the failure of Communism the demise of the Apartheid structures of White Supremist South Africa to build this folly seems as bizarre politically as it is racially motivated.

The Berlin Wall was built to separate The Ideology of Communism from Capitalism East from West .It spanned 96 miles or 155 kilometres.The Racial Segregation Wall as it is known by Palestinians will be 403 miles or 650 kilometers in length.

It is estimated that the wall will eventually have a devastating effect impact on about 50% of the population of the West Bank.

The wall was supposed to be built on the original Green Line which is the demarcation line between the West Bank and the lands stolen/captured by Israel in the 1967 six day war were they were aided and abetted by America and managed to wrest more of the land from the indigenous people of Palestine.

But being a Colonial racist apartheid regime they in their wisdom decided to seize the opportunity to steal even more land and vital water resources by extending the wall beyond the green line and incorporating up to 12 % of land and water resources that are legally owned by the people of Palestine that is the Palestinian farmers agricultural groups villages families and communities .

Ideal if your an ever expanding exploitive Zionist government hell bent on creating a bigger Israel. Did you know Israel is one of the few countries in the world perhaps the only country who refuse to define their borders .Is this because they have designs on all of Palestine plus a bit more of Syria the Lebanon and further afield.

Meanwhile if your a Palestinian farmer who has been denied access to your farm lands olive trees and your income or a child trying to get to a school now on the other side of the wall or a patient needing urgent medical intervention who now has a detour through check points and must go through or around the wall life is becoming increasingly more isolated both socially and economically The economic strangle hold is also being applied to the people of the west bank as it is to the people of Gaza by the siege .Indeed The United Nations says the wall in its present form is illegal .The detrimental effects on Palestinian civil society are devastating.

But perhaps this is the master plan the Final Solution ? Imprison the Palestinians behind a wall. Just like the reservations that still exist today in that bastion of democracy called America. Were the people live in poverty disguised as government subsistence. Out of sight out of mind. Infact if you compare what is being done to the indigenous population of Palestine by the invading colonist settler its almost defacto a copy of the colonist settler model used in America were they corralled and eventually imprisoned the native population .From the wild west to the middle east.

So is this the Israeli Policy Let the United Nations take care of them.Out door prisons were people live without jobs dignity hope and a vision for a just society? Were they are given hand outs food medicine and despair in equal measures .Were the mothers end up on Valium.The men neutered and the kids growing up in a welfare dependent aggressive violent prone society living in a ghetto with underachievement their daily diet.

The wall serves many purposes on many levels some of which are subconscious in their long lasting physcological impact.But basically on a very superficial level the wall is a physical representation of the divisions that exist in peoples minds and hearts.
The wall will fall as every folly does. Its up to us That’s you and me to make it happen.Boycott.First used in Ireland against unscrupulous foreign landlords is one way forward. Boycott the produce from illegal Israeli settlements in the westbank. The dead sea products which are sold in our city centre malls such as Castlecourt.Divest.