Bani Walid, resistance against the new order in Libya.

Attacks on Bani Walid

Libya, Tripoli (SaebPress) — War has returned to the Libyan City of Bani Walid, tens of people have been killed and hundreds more injured in fighting around the city of Bani Walid, the city has shrugged off the new NATO supported government’s authority; since, Bani Walid is in the midst of a staggering humanitarian crisis.

Member of Bani Walid’s local council told SaebPress that “we have large numbers of wounded,  the city’s hospital has no room to treat the injured. They are setting up places outdoors where there is no shelter from attacks.The hospital is desperate for staff, specialists and supplies”, local councillor said.

Residents of the city say that water, electric and gas supplies have been cut off, while large numbers of government soldiers and militias encircling the town and  shelling it indiscriminately, including many from the coastal city of Misurata, Misurata’s militias were shelling the city with heavy artillery. “I can’t count the number of injured. Every day is worse.” member of Bani Walid’s local council said.

Bani Walid October 19, following the government shelling of the town – RT source

United Nations representative for Libya called on all sides “to abide by humanitarian principles” and expressed concern at reports of growing civilian casualties resulting from the shelling.

Previously, Amnesty International has called on the Libyan authorities to “avoid unnecessary and excessive use of force in the city and to ensure that medical and other essential supplies are allowed into the city’’.

Meanwhile on Sunday, in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, thousands of angry protestors invaded the Parliament building, demanding an end to the government and militia’s forces attacks on Bani Walid.

In Benghazi in the east, thousands of protesters marched in support of Bani Walid they attacked and destroyed the offices of a television station, accusing it of source of lies and ‘Fitna’ –causing feuds and divisions among the people.

People of the city of Bani Walid have complained that after the Colonel Qaddafi was killed and NATO stopped it bombardment of the city, it and other cities has been accused of treason, and became shooting fields for terrorists and fanatic groups who  left lots towns and villages ruined, the lives of many communities destroyed.

The new Libyan authority   “neglected, marginalized and destroying  the communities   of Bani Walid and other similar cities while accusing  them  of treason, because of their rejection to NATO’s occupation of Libya’’ a Tripoli based  blogger told SaebPress.

Libya’s new leaders declared that Bani Walid has turned itself into a ” resistance base against the new order in Libya”. Tripoli  blogger said. 

“Bani Walid is becoming a center of opposition, and for people wanted for their crimes during the war of liberation,” Abdulrahman Sewehli, one of the Misurata’s  leaders told NYT.