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Erdogan plans bigger Middle East dominated by Turkey

Erdogan has a plan for the area; he has a plan with the United States of America and the Zionists to have a bigger Middle East dominated by Turkey

Syria's Flag

Syria’s Flag

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Turkish military forces have engaged in clashes and shelling inside Syria, this after mortar fired from Syria landed in a Turkish town killing five civilians.



Press TV has interviewed Mr. Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East Affairs expert,  to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.


Press TV: Tensions are simmering between Damascus and Ankara. How do you expect this to play out?


Shaath: First of all there is popular opposition to any sort of involvement of Turkey in a war against Syria from the Turkish people as your report showed.


There is opposition Parties in Turkey’s parliament and this is a considerable sort of opposition against what Erdogan wants  . So if we look at the ties between the Turkish people and the Arab people of Syria since the  Sykes–Picot Agreement , some of the families being split since  some in Syria and some in Turkey – so they belong to the same social fabric. They will refuse to fight amongst each other.


The thing is, Syria a bee in bonnet of terrorist gangs,Syria is flooded by terrorist who come from Turkey and some of them are under the command of Turkish officers and attack Syria.


We are worried and aware of the destruction happening inside the Syrian cities and nobody is condemning that. Yesterday some bombers attacked the center of Aleppo in the north of Syria and all of these guys are coming from the Turkish territories and they are trained by Turkish officers. So nobody condemns such a thing.


The whole world now demanded Syria to apologize. No one asked Turkey to apologize for all this destruction happening in Syria. Of course we regret and everyone will regret civilian loss in any of these sort of scenarios. We want to avoid any sort of war breaking out between Syria and Turkey.



Let’s look closer at all of this. A month ago the Saudis were massing their troops to the north of the country against Syria. The Israelis troops have massed from the beginning of last month at the Golan Heights and they are starting their war games.



Turkey issued this parliamentary decree, but before when there was clashes as well they didn’t issue any such parliamentary decisions even when the Syrians downed the Turkish airplane.



So with that, there is something happening. They are trying to drag NATO in. But America doesn’t want itself to be involved militarily. They will try to drag the Arabs and the Turkish in and then provide a backup from NATO and the Israelis.



Let me go on, on this issue… Erdogan has a plan for the area; he has a plan with the United States of America and the Zionists to have a bigger Middle East dominated by Turkey.


Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt working to take over Syria to start this group with the nukes of the Israeli Zionist entity and the Turkish and Egyptian manpower they can control and dominate the Middle East to play the old Ottoman Project, which was sort of dominated by the West then, as well that is what the Turkish role and what they are trying to play at.


But I am not worried myself in regards with Syria. Syria’s army is very strong and can stand firmly against the Turkish and at the same time Syria has a strategic alliance with the resistance and with other countries like China, Iran and Russia who will stop any sort of adventure from the Turkish, Saudis and the Zionists.


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UN ends the arms embargo on Iran ‎

UN ends the arms embargo on Iran ‎


UN Security Council’s arms restrictions against Tehran have all been terminated in defiance of the United States’ >

An end to the arms embargo on Iran has proved that the United States, despite its ceaseless bid to extend the sanctions, has become very isolated in its hostile policy toward Iran.

As of today [October 18, 2020], all restrictions on the transfer of arms, related activities and financial services to and from the Islamic Republic of Iran, and all prohibitions regarding the entry into or transit through territories of the United Nations Member States previously imposed on a number of Iranian citizens and military officials, are all automatically terminated,” a statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry said.

To discuss the matter Press TV interviewed, Saeb Shaath , Author & Middle East Affairs Expert and James Tweedie, Journalist and Commentator on International Affairs.

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The US’s theft of the Syrian crude oil

Shaath: The American company Delta Crescent Energy LLC, ‎made a deal with the Kurdish forces S.D.F . Now both the US forces and their stooges the S.D.F ‎are looting the Syrian crude oil in all Hasakeh ‎province.


This edition of the Debate is about the US’s theft of the Syrian crude oil. The Trump administration has contradicted its own statement by smuggling Syrian oil into Iraq.

Syrian President Bashar al Assad has told Russia’s Sputnik news agency that the presence of American and Turkish forces on Syrian soil amounts to occupation and must come to an end. President Assad also censured the West for creating and supporting terrorist groups like Daish. Assad urged the international community to pile pressure on Western forces to leave Syria.

Shaath: The American company Delta Crescent Energy LLC, ‎made a deal with the Kurdish forces S.D.F . Now both the US forces and their stooges the S.D.F ‎are looting the Syrian crude oil in all Hasakeh ‎province.

Shaath confirmed that : The American company involved in the northeast ‎Syria deal has received an exemption from the U.S. ‎Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets ‎Control to operate in Syria. That means no ‎sanctions and the company got a White house ‎approval ‎.

Shaath : Since Trump declared that he is intending on ‎pulling forces out of Syria…but after the partial U.S. ‎troop withdrawal from northeast Syria in October ‎‎2019, Trump said he is keeping some forces there “to ‎secure the oil.”‎

Shaath : The Kurdish S.D.F ‎militants are assisting the US in looting the ‎Syrian oil, at some stage the US will be forced to ‎pull totally out of Syria.‎ When the U.S. pulls out of Syria, as I believe soon it ‎will be under way, The US will abandon its Kurdish S.D.F ‎militants in Northeast Syria.‎

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UAE stabbed Palestine in back by normalising with Zionist entity ‘Israel’

Abbas :You cannot take our place…Palestine speaks in its own name. She is who will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’


on Tuesday, the Palestinian leadership held a meeting in West bank city of Ramallah, which was also attended by representatives of different Palestinian factions, including Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Abbas condemned the UAE’s decision to normalise ties with Zionist entity”Israel”, saying it was a “stab in the back of the Palestinian people.”

Abbas accused the UAE of turning its back on Palestinians while trying to justify the deal with Zionist entity “Israel” by arguing it helped stop West bank annexations.

“They added the term annexation and attempted to give the others and the world the illusion that the UAE had come up with a great achievement for us and that is the rejection of annexation, as if the Palestinian issue is only about annexation while they disregard everything else: the rights of the Palestinian people, the Palestinian state, the two-state vision, holy Jerusalem [al-Quds]….This is deception, and this is totally unacceptable. We consider it a stab in the back of the Palestinian cause,” he emphasised.

Abbas also stressed that only the Palestinians have the right to speak on the Palestine issue. 

“You cannot can take our place…Palestine speaks in its own name. She is who will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You [are] not responsible for the Palestinian cause, we alone, the Palestinians here, will speak on behalf of the Palestinian cause,” he said.

Palestinians ‘united against conspiracy’

Additionally, Abbas hailed the presence of representative from different Palestinian factions at Tuesday’s meeting as a show of unity.

“I welcome our brothers in Hamas, Jihad, General Command and Al-Saiqa who are here today. This indicates that the Palestinian people are united against the conspiracy, regardless of the differences between us, but in adversity we stand together and have on position against anyone who wants to attack our cause,” he said.

Abbas reminded the Arab countries that based on the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative any normalisation with Zionist entity “Israel” should come after an agreement is reached between the Palestinians and Tel Aviv, and not the other way around.

“Some countries have begun moving, both openly and in secret…this is rejected, and we the Palestinians will continue to absolutely reject this, no matter which country does this. You must respect the decisions on which you have signed off,” he said.

On Tuesday, “Israeli” media cited Sudanese foreign ministry spokesman as announcing an “impending” normalisation agreement with Tel Aviv. Sudan’s acting foreign minister, however, denied knowledge of such talks with Zionist entity “Israel”.

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