Erdogan plans bigger Middle East dominated by Turkey

Syria's Flag
Syria’s Flag

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Turkish military forces have engaged in clashes and shelling inside Syria, this after mortar fired from Syria landed in a Turkish town killing five civilians.



Press TV has interviewed Mr. Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East Affairs expert,  to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.


Press TV: Tensions are simmering between Damascus and Ankara. How do you expect this to play out?


Shaath: First of all there is popular opposition to any sort of involvement of Turkey in a war against Syria from the Turkish people as your report showed.


There is opposition Parties in Turkey’s parliament and this is a considerable sort of opposition against what Erdogan wants  . So if we look at the ties between the Turkish people and the Arab people of Syria since the  Sykes–Picot Agreement , some of the families being split since  some in Syria and some in Turkey – so they belong to the same social fabric. They will refuse to fight amongst each other.


The thing is, Syria a bee in bonnet of terrorist gangs,Syria is flooded by terrorist who come from Turkey and some of them are under the command of Turkish officers and attack Syria.


We are worried and aware of the destruction happening inside the Syrian cities and nobody is condemning that. Yesterday some bombers attacked the center of Aleppo in the north of Syria and all of these guys are coming from the Turkish territories and they are trained by Turkish officers. So nobody condemns such a thing.


The whole world now demanded Syria to apologize. No one asked Turkey to apologize for all this destruction happening in Syria. Of course we regret and everyone will regret civilian loss in any of these sort of scenarios. We want to avoid any sort of war breaking out between Syria and Turkey.



Let’s look closer at all of this. A month ago the Saudis were massing their troops to the north of the country against Syria. The Israelis troops have massed from the beginning of last month at the Golan Heights and they are starting their war games.



Turkey issued this parliamentary decree, but before when there was clashes as well they didn’t issue any such parliamentary decisions even when the Syrians downed the Turkish airplane.



So with that, there is something happening. They are trying to drag NATO in. But America doesn’t want itself to be involved militarily. They will try to drag the Arabs and the Turkish in and then provide a backup from NATO and the Israelis.



Let me go on, on this issue… Erdogan has a plan for the area; he has a plan with the United States of America and the Zionists to have a bigger Middle East dominated by Turkey.


Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt working to take over Syria to start this group with the nukes of the Israeli Zionist entity and the Turkish and Egyptian manpower they can control and dominate the Middle East to play the old Ottoman Project, which was sort of dominated by the West then, as well that is what the Turkish role and what they are trying to play at.


But I am not worried myself in regards with Syria. Syria’s army is very strong and can stand firmly against the Turkish and at the same time Syria has a strategic alliance with the resistance and with other countries like China, Iran and Russia who will stop any sort of adventure from the Turkish, Saudis and the Zionists.


Press TV, SaebPress