An eye witness to ‘Israel’s’ attack of a funeral in western Gaza.


Gaza (SaebPress)— The 21 years old Gazan artiest Shahd Abusalama described what she witnessed. “Had a difficult evening at Shifa hospital in Gaza which I arrived at soon after Israel attacked a funeral in Shij’iyya, western Gaza leaving 4 dead and 30 injured. I saw the injured people, many of whom were kids and women. I saw a traumatized 10-year-old boy whose leg got injured by a shrapnel. His leg was bleeding and got broken. His eyes were open wide, traumatized crying out, “Dad, I don’t want to die.”

I met another young man who had an injury in his leg. He witnessed the Israeli tanks when they shelled the funeral. He said that he was playing football nearby with his childhood friends when they targeted the place. He survived but he lost his two childhood friends. They died right in front of him. He was uttering these words to me with indescribable strength. I think he was so traumatized to believe that what he went through was actually real. Because the first word he said to me was “It’s like a nightmare”.


Everyone looked very shocked. It was crazy at the hospital. Injured people were arriving at the hospital one after another. There wasn’t enough space for them. The operation rooms were all occupied. 5 people died as a result to the latest attacks on Gaza so far and at least 35 people were injured. Gaza will not sleep tonight as Israel warplanes are still flying heavily over Gaza. Keep an eye on Gaza”.


  1. is false. When we protest, you call us tesrirorts.When conadfronted with the truth, you tell us we reladish in death and destruction.But we never invaded the US. We never laid siege to your cities. We never raped your women. We never destroyed your infraadstrucadture in 13 years of sancadtions and then charged YOU for it for our comadpaadnies to come in and PRETEND to rebuilt when they were just stuffading their fat coffers.It is your bombs that kill and maim, not ours. We want to raise our chiladdren, your poliadcies have forced us to burya0them.We do not want to wage war. Look at the Midaddle East, Charles. Watch some of our TV chanadnels. Read our press. Read our litaderadaadture. Play some of our games. Embrace some of our traaddiadtions. Don’t read about them in some biased media outadlet conadtrolled by a conadglomaderadate. 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