Palestinian resistance achieve victory and destroy the Gaza Blockade



Gaza (SaebPress) –Palestinians are chanting “God is great” in the streets of Gaza. following an Egypt-mediated ceasefire agreement between the Palestinian resistance leaders and the ‘Israeli ‘ Zionist regime.

After the ceasefire appeared to take hold, Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate what they called a victory over Israel, which will ease its siege of Gaza in line with the deal.

The ‘Israeli’ military stopped its indiscriminate attacks on the Gaza Strip after 1900 GMT. Wednesday in line with an agreement with Palestinian resistance leaders.

Earlier on Wednesday Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr has announced that the zionist regime ‘Israel’ and the Palestinian resistance leaders in Cairo have reached an Egypt-mediated ceasefire agreement, which puts an end to Tel Aviv’s deadly offensive on the Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian foreign minister made the announcement during a joint press conference with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Cairo on Wednesday, saying that the ceasefire will go into effect from at 1900 GMT.

“These efforts … have resulted in understandings to cease fire and restore calm and halt the bloodshed ,” Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr said.

Clinton commended Egypt and said “Egypt was playing a leading role” in the region, and the thanked Egypt’s president, Muhammad Mursi, for his efforts to broker the ceasefire agreement.

Both sides announced they were sticking to the terms of the ceasefire although ‘Israeli’ airstrikes killed two Palestinians after the deal was announced, in retaliation 12 rockets were fired at the Zionist entity ‘Israel’ after 7 p.m.

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah says the truce between the Palestinian resistance and the ‘Israeli’ Zionist regime is a victory for the Palestinian resistance movement.

The Palestinian resistance missiles destroyed the Gaza Blockade

‘Israel’  has agreed to open all the crossings in the Gaza Strip to facilitate movement of people, based on the ceasefire agreement between the Palestinian resistance movement and the  Zionist ‘Israeli’ regime.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said the deal to end fighting stipulates that all of the Gaza Strip’s crossings must be opened, “The ceasefire document stipulates the opening of the crossings, all the crossings, and not just Rafah,” Meshaal told a news conference in Cairo. Meshaal was disputing what he described as ‘Israeli’ assertions to the contrary.

‘Israel’ is in control of all of Gaza Strip’s crossings apart from the Rafah border with Egypt.

Eight days of Zionist entity ‘Israel’ airstrikes on Gaza killed at least 170 Palestinians most of them children and women. Palestinian armed groups in Gaza responded with rockets that killed six ‘Israelis’ and reached further than Tal Aviv and Jerusalem Al Quds .