Palestinians in Gaza celebrating their resistance defeat of ‘Israel’s’ war machine



GAZA CITY (SaebPress) — leaders of Palestinian displayed a new unity between the Palestinian resistance and political factions which was made and cemented between their fighters and members on the battle filed during the Zionists’ criminal war on Gaza.

leaders of Palestinian factions including Hamas and Fatah, on Thursday celebrated the end of the criminal war on Gaza and called for political parties to end the split with the occupied West Bank.

Islamic Jihad leader Muhammad al-Hindi said factions should unify behind the resistance movement, hinting at the enduring divisions with Fatah, who espouse non-violent and diplomatic measures against Israel’s occupation.


“We have reached a dead end in the peace process and now we are in the trenches of jihad and resistance,” he told the Gaza City rally.

But the Jihad leader too echoed the conciliatory note of the occasion. “Nothing will strengthen the determination of Palestinians more than the Palestinian people themselves, with all of their factions,” al-Hindi said.


Fatah leader Nabil Shaath, who crossed from Egypt arrived to Gaza on Sunday during the criminal ‘Israeli’ shelling, told crowds in Gaza City that ‘Israel’ had failed to isolate them from the West Bank.

“How glad I feel when yellow, green, red and black flags fly together, united by the Palestinian flag. We must all unite and work together,” he said, referring to the flags of Fatah, Hamas, PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), Islamic Jihad and leftist factions.


Palestinian National Initiative leader Mustafa al-Barghouthi, who also came to Gaza during the Israeli bombardment, addressed the celebrating crowds.

“Today our unity materialised, Hamas and Fatah are one hand, one rifle and one rocket,” senior Hamas leader Khalil Al-Hayya told several thousand people in the main square of Gaza.

Haniyeh’s office said Abbas called the premier and “congratulated him on the victory and extend condolences to the families of martyrs.”

Thousands took to the streets of Gaza marking an end to eight days of deadly fighting defending Gaza from unprecedented ‘Israeli’ attacks.Fatah supporters marched all over the Gaza Strip calling on their movement to end its rivalry with Hamas.

‘Israel’ agreed a truce deal with the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza on Wednesday with Egyptian mediation.