Shaath: Ceasefire Negotiations between ‘Israel’ and Hamas proceeding in Cairo.

Israel’s war crimes in Gaza

Cairo (SaebPress) — Negotiations in Cairo for a ceasefire between ‘Israel’ and Hamas progressing, but a truce is unlikely in the coming days, PLO official Nabil Shaath told our reporter on  Sunday.

Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal and his deputy Mousa Abu Marzouq updated Shaath on the talks taking place in Cairo between Palestinian resistance and an ‘Israeli’ delegate. “President Mahmoud Abbas is also in direct contact with Mashaal”, Shaath said.

Palestinian factions are demanding an end to ‘Israel’s ‘siege on Gaza and that ‘Israel’ stops all incursions, assassinating leaders and stops firing at fishermen off the coast.

Shaath believed that a ceasefire “is not likely to take effect in the coming days because Israel is trying to impose its own conditions ignoring the demands of the Palestinian resistance, and the Palestinian resistance will not waive these demands!” , Shaath said.