Syrians are resisting US shock and awe tactics: Saeb Shaath

Saeb Shaeth
Saeb Shaath



According to an analyst, Jordan, Turkey and Israel are involved in smuggling weapons and training terrorists to wage a terror war on the population of Syria.

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Violence continues to increase in Syria with three recent car bomb explosions leaving seven people dead and many more injured. Government officials say the US and its regional allies are behind the unrest that has been ongoing in Syria for the past 20 months and that the insurgents are not Syrians, but mainly foreign militia.

Press TV has interviewed Mr. Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert on these developments. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: It seems the more we move forward every day the more we’re hearing about increased violence in Syria and it seems that those who are supporting what the government is calling the terrorists, there is no backing down.
What do you think it will take now at this point in order for Syrians to regain control over their country?

Shaath: If we look first at why Darha there are insurgents crossing from bordering Jordan, in Jordan there is the US command of the proxy war on terror – a war of terror I mean on Syria. And there are training facilities run by the US and Israel over there.
We have been told by a Turkish intelligence officer who had been captured in Homs last spring about the training facilities run by Israel in there [Jordan].

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal revealed that Jordan has stepped up its support to armed terrorist groups in Syria from its border allowing large and significant sophisticated weaponry to be smuggled into Syria.

All of that terror is aiming to collapse Damascus through Darah. Since the Syrian army succeeded in sealing the borders evenly with Lebanon, we still have now Jordan reactivated and the Turkish becoming heavily involved.
We see the foreign-backed terror gangs who are waging this large scale proxy war in Syria for the last 20 months didn’t achieve any of their aims over the last 20 months apart from destruction , with all the petrodollar moneys and the sophisticated weaponry and involvement of US, Turkish and Arab countries. Even Bashar Assad in his interview to Russia Today confirms the same.
So, the attacks, the assassinations I can see them the beheadings actually of the supporters and all the injured soldiers as we seen them on videos, all are aimed at scaring the people and pushing them desperately to accept these terms or face that kind of sort or style of terror activities in their own cities and towns.

Press TV: How successful do you think they have been in scaring the people, as you say, at this point in time? Will they be able to instill enough fear in the people that you think that they will be able to get the upper hand or what will it take – my main question is – what will it take to regain security in Syria?

Shaath: We’ve seen all that before, all such crimes were planed very well in the ‘shock and awe’ doctrine used by the US war on Iraq and proxy wars in the area from Somalia to Afghanistan.

That is the contexture, which they are marketing right now to the people of Syria and in line with George W. Bush doctrine, which is “you are either with us or against us” to prepare such future.

The West is desperate now… after the election of Obama for the second term, they are going to intensify their war to destabilize Syria to try to collapse it from within.
The people in Syria, they’ve seen before the waves of refugees from Iraq coming to them and told them the horror stories of the shock and awe they faced in Iraq. Syrians are determined to withstand the shock and awe doctrine tactics the Americans used in there. So the Syrians are aware of what kind of future would be waiting for them if they bow to such a tactics.

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