UN vote on Palestine exposes US hypocrisy:Shaath

Saeb Shaath
[youtube jPPIQbqW9PE]
Saeb Shaath An analyst says successful resistance against Israel’s military has strengthened unity in Palestine and the UN status upgrade they won’t sit and take orders from Israel or US.
In the background of this, Palestine’s United Nations bid to a non-member observer status was overwhelmingly voted in favor by more than 130 countries highlighting the isolation of Israel and those few pro-Zionist countries who voted against. 41 countries abstained from voting. Non-member observer status will enable the Palestinian leadership to pursue war crimes charges against Israeli leaders in the international arena.
Press TV has interviewed Mr. Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert, Belfast about whether this UN resolution is going to change the realities on the ground in Palestine. Joining him in this news analysis is Mr. Denis Halliday, former UN assistant secretary general from New York City and Ms. Donna Nassor, UN representative from the International Peace Research Association from New York. 


  1. Exactly saeb.the populatiin of the workd overwhelmingly supports justice freedom and nationhood for palestine.let us not let a few rogue governments like ameruca britain canada and germany.who do not represent their people.so we must mobilise support and marginalise those governments above who do not wish to see justicd and peace prevaik.give them no quarter and no position in the future of palestibe.look to norway denmark south anerica s.africa and all thise countries who vited for palestine and forget the nah sayers.