Video shows foreign-backed insurgents war crimes in Syria.

Foreign-backed insurgents in Syria
Foreign-backed insurgents in Syria


Damascus (SaebPress) — A new video circulating YouTube and other social media network,  shows terror gangs while they killing a group of captured Arab Syrian soldiers; the killings took place near the northern town Saraqeb, after the encirclement of the Soldiers inside their chick point compound by the terror gangs.

The video shows rebels abusing and kicking a group of captured wounded soldiers, before committing a summary execution of wounded and no longer combatants.

Human rights groups said they were trying to confirm the video’s authenticity. The footage was consistent with other Associated Press reporting in the area.

Human rights groups condemned the execution of the captured wounded soldiers   and warned on Friday that the video shows the gunmen were committing a war crime. Amnesty International called the video “shocking” and said it may depict a “potential war crime in progress.”

Meanwhile, in Geneva, Rupert Colville, a spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed that they were examining the video.

“The allegations are that these were soldiers who were no longer combatants and therefore, at this point, it looks very like a war crime. Another one,” Mr Rupert Colville, told the press.

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 Saeb Shaath a Middle Eastern political expert told SaebPress reporter that “there are lots of videos posted on the websites of many social media networks by the foreign-backed insurgents  in Syria, whose intent to spread fear and terror among the people of Syria, by the atrocities they carry out and its circulation by videos, hopping to create a wave  of defections in high ranks of the army and demoralise its soldiers. “   Mr Shaath added that “ The videoed war crimes and the summary executions committed by the foreign-backed insurgents should facilitate the international community’s speedy assistance to Syria in its war on terror, such videos provides a damning evidence of the war crimes committed against Syria.”

Meanwhile, the so-called Syrian National Council (SNC) said that the West and its allies instigate radicalization in the crisis-hit Arab country.




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