Islamists are fighting protesters outside the Egyptian president’s palace


Cairo (SaebPress) — Revolutionaries and Egypt’s opposition coalition called on Egyptian people to gather  on Thursday and Friday in a mass protest to issue  Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi with what they called the Friday’s red card ultimatum.

While  Islamists are fighting protesters outside the Egyptian president’s palace on Wednesday night .  Three advisors to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi have stepped down while clashes between Morsi’s supporters and opponents turn violent outside the presidential palace in Alethadia  in Cairo.

Meanwhile inside al Ethadia palace his deputy  Mahmoud Mekky proposed a way to end the crisis which ignited  over  unacceptable temporary  constitutional decree that  has split the Arab nation.

The revolutionaries claimed the   constitutional decree and the draft constitution are designed to impose the Islamists dictatorship over Egypt. Cars were sat on fire and petrol bombs flew between opposition protesters and supporters of President Mohamed Morsi.

Revolutionaries groups said Islamists with sticks and batons had attacked  their members and cut off the ear of one of its members. Medical sources said tens of  people had been wounded in clashes.

Police failed  to stop the confrontations which flared after dark despite an attempt by Vice President Mahmoud Mekky to calm the political crisis.

Egypt’s opposition coalition blamed Mursi for the violence around his palace and said it was ready for dialogue if the Islamist leader scrapped a decree he issued on November 22 that gave him wide powers and shielded his decisions from judicial review

Islamists are fighting protesters outside the Egyptian president's palaceIslamists are fighting protesters outside the Egyptian president’s palace

“We hold President Mursi and his government completely responsible for the violence happening in Egypt today….We are ready for dialogue if the constitutional decree is cancelled … and the referendum on this constitution is postponed,”” opposition coordinator Mohamed ElBaradei  declared in a news conference earlier today.

“Today what is happening in the Egyptian street, polarisation and division, is something that could and is actually drawing us to violence and could draw us to something worse,” the former head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog added.

Opposition leaders have previously urged Mursi to retract the November 22 decree, defer the referendum and agree to revise the constitution, but have not echoed calls from street protesters for his overthrow and the “downfall of the regime”

Mursi has said his decree was needed to prevent courts still full of judges appointed by ousted strongman Hosni Mubarak from derailing a constitution vital for Egypt’s political transition.