‘Israel’ seeks ethnic cleansing of Palestinians: Saeb Shaath

An analyst says the Likud Party is firm on its plans to dusconnect Palestinians from their land totally and to do a deal with Jordan.
Bab al Shams

In the background of this a protest group that consisted of both Palestinians and foreign activists set up a tent camp in a creative effort to show peaceful resistance to the occupation of Palestinian lands and a demonstration against illegal Israeli settlement building. The move was legally approved by the High Court of Israel. Netanyahu acting in defiance of the High Court rule had army forces forcefully dismantle the tent camp, which was on private Palestinian property. Several activists were injured in the process. The reaction has been has been seen as desperate by many observers. The tent camp however, has received wide praise as the event – and indeed the Israeli reaction – successfully attracted international attention to the Palestinian cause. 

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Press TV has interviewed Mr. Saab Shaath, author and political commentator, Belfast about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Do you think it will make a difference? We’ve seen these Palestinians and some international activists setting up camp and protesting the expansion of these settlements. Will it make a difference to Israel and if not, what will it take for Israel to abide by UN law?

Shaath:It’s a new development;It is  a new type of resistance where they are using passive resistance to build camps and tents  that look like a village…

This kind of resistance is aimed at attracting international attention more than anything else to be honest here. Since the international community has slammed such expansion in that area.
This area, if they ( the Israelis) build in it, it will split the West Bank into two  not connected areas and the ( Israelis) will definitely annex totally Jerusalem and  its srounding areas directly  to their Zionist entity .


The Zionist’s plan is to deny the Palestinians the ablity to build their own state or entity i.e.  destroing the two-state solution. And that is not new,  what you said in your  report that started after  the United Nations upgraded Palestine status to a non member state  status  at the .
NO, it’s been the ideology and the plans of the Likud party, the Zionist ruling party, for a long time. To a Zionist state on all Palestine and to cleanse most of the Palestinians out to Jordan. That is the Likud party, the Zionist ruling party ,one-state solution! 

There are talks between the Zionists and the Jordanians about A  Jordianian – Palestinian  confederation (or confederacy),  with the Palestinians; and the Palestinians entertaining the idea.

So, it’s part of a bigger plan and I can see there is some with in the Palestinian leadership entertaining the idea. The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank have always quoted that they will stop any Intifada coming or any kind of  military resistance of the occupation.

The only kind of resistance they will allow,  is such that passive resistance, which we can see in Bab al Shams . I welcome that kind of development myself, but that doesn’t mean it is the only kind of resistance the Palestinians have to use.
The Palestinians have the right to use all kinds of resistance in the struggle  against  the occupation of their land.